With the introduction of the vandal bin, the RW block process should have been reviewed, but it was easier to do nothing so nothing was done. In fact, sysops continue to pull a number out of the air and ban the user for whatever period of time occurs to them.

The fact that the vandal bin has made blocks (and certainly long blocks) largely unnecessary occurs to few sysops. RW's hordes of new sysops receive little formal instruction in the processes (such as they are).

Interestingly, when Sysops have the block dialogue box open they can read at the top,

  • "If the user is purely a vandal, use RationalWiki:Vandal instead, to reduce their edit rate to 1 every 30 minutes."

and the advice:

  • "Note:Sysops can move vandals into the vandal group at RationalWiki:Vandal."

appears lower down. Despite the explicit instruction to use RationalWiki:Vandal instead, chaos continues to reign with block lengths of over one year being liberally applied in December 2008.

To be fair, by January 2009 many of the long blocks had been reduced to some time in 2009. Interestingly (?) the longest outstanding unexplained IP block was applied by Radioactive afikomen and it expires in no less than 20 January 2035. We are impressed both by his assumption that Rationalwiki will still be operating in 2035, and by his apparent belief that the IP will be anxiously waiting for an opportunity to edit for the next twenty-six years.

RationalWiki. Binned vandals are limited to one edit per 30 minutes. If vandals try and do more they see an inedible uneditable text and a snarky comment. It’s like being blocked, except RW sysops can pretend they are better than Conservapedia.

This is a cute trick as it allows RW to, in effect, infinitely ban vandals - while at the same time maintaining their liberal credentials and not actually banning them at all. It other words it allows RW sysops to chemically castrate users while maintaining that they technically are still able to use their testicles.

What vandals see if they try to do too many edits while they are in the vandal bin:[1]

You are unable to edit because you have been placed into the vandal bin. You were put in the vandal bin by $1 and the reason given was: "$3".
While we hope you had fun, we had to do something, so you can only make one edit every 30 minutes now. If this is a mistake or you have turned a new leaf please alert any sysops.
You will be able to edit again in $1 minutes.

Despite being for vandals the lamer sort of trolls and parodists are also thrown in the bin.

After the July 2012 server upgrade the bin appears to be broken.[2] Than it was fixed.


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