This article is about the user rights of The Main Wiki, not us.


A BoN is RWspeak for a "bunch of numbers". This is a term used to refer to IP addresses, called that as a result of their confusing names. Mostly trolls, Grammar Nazis, and lurkers.


A right given when you join. That's it. Gives you nothing except a message on your talk page and the security of keeping strangers from knowing your IP address. Many never make edits, and others have a single-digit number of them.


Lets you edit semiprotected pages and upload images and gifs. Requires ten edits and having an account for at least 24 hours. Also lets you bypass CAPTCHA, which is more than just ticking a box on RW. Lets you edit twice a minute.


Lets you edit once every π Planck times, and keeps sysops from having to see ! next to all your edits.


This is where user rights start to diverge from most wikis. This system is also used here and on the Discord. Pretty much any trusworthy user is given this right. Grants blocking powers and the ability to promote others to sysop.


Gives the ability to bot yourself, making you invisible to recent changes. For when a major article with several redirects is moved. Get the name now?


To be honest, this probably gives more de facto power than moderator. Basically, they do all the technical work, as per the name.


The benevolent oligarchy with the de jure power. Voted in once a year, and have what are essentially stronger sysop powers, including the ability to change their own user rights.


The bureaucrats have the ability to promote and demote others, and essentially have every power on the wiki.


Members of the Board of Trustees, are given the responsibility of keeping the wiki running.