The WikiIndex Incident was a rather bizarre tangential meltdown that occurred in parallel with The Great Server Crash of Summer '09.

Round oneEdit

In updating WikiIndex's article about RationalWiki to mention the then-current lack of service, Proxima Centauri made a number of factual errors,[1] random surmizations, and of course used poor English to express them. Which is normal for her. What was strange is that when a few RW editors corrected the errors and improved the prose, she went on an edit-warring spree which resulted in PC locking the article in its error-laden state.

Attempts to complain and bring the issue to the attention of other sysops or even bureaucrats resulted in the discovery that there really aren't any "active" 'sops or 'crats[2] on WI, and that they also don't[3] have any readily available policies on edit-warring, blocking, or article content.

In an effort to raise the profile of the issue and grab the attention of sysops some members of RW indulged in vandalism. It is possible that this action prejudiced the RW community in the eyes of the few sysops who were there.

Round twoEdit

After PC's two-day lock of the RW article, Human, surprised to be able to do it, repaired the damage. Then all hHell broke loose.

Another pair of tangents were developing - one, the "issue" of whether criticism of wikis should be presented in an article (no one knows who got this started, yet), and two, the arrival of Lumenos with his equally peculiar use of the English language, links to invented terms on his own wiki, and persistent links to a "policies and guidelines" page he created.

Lumenos also added a rambling description of what he thinks his one-man wiki contains at its article, which also resulted in days of off-and-on edit warring.

Round threeEdit

One of the few remaining old-guard managers of the site, Mark Dilley, decided the "solution" would be to cut all the descriptive language, none of which was controversial, from the articles to the talk pages of all five or so wikis loosely associated with RW (RW, RWW, LP, CP, and aSK).

The article on Luminowiki at this point still contained a long, rambling description written by its owner, who was also dominating recent changes with his odd pronouncements, and wrecking talk pages by editing them into what he calls "debate maps" that no one (but he) can follow.

Round fourEdit

After Phantom Hoover edit warred with Lumenos for several days over criticism of RW inserted into its article, another admin showed up and told them both to stop it. He then seemed to get annoyed with Lumenos and, after some attempts at discussion of new policies, the whole thing just petered out and Wikiindex has now returned to a fairly quiet state.


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