The Weeping Lion was the name of Arthropleura's bar / restaurant on RationalWiki.[1] It opened on 4th June 2009 [2] and, according to Arthropleura, is intended to attract a more "classy" clientele.[3] How Arthropleura intends to tend the Saloon Bar as well as running the Weeping Lion is an issue not yet addressed by the RationalWikians.

Other names considered for the Weeping Lion included "The Goat and Jerboa" from JeevesMkII, [4] "The Sordid Palour of the Goat and Jerboa",[5] "The Exploding____" [6] and "The Weeping Vagina", all from Ace McWicked,[7][8] and "A Hundred Legs of Beer on the Wall"[9] from Human.

After what was termed "The Weeping Lion Incident," the bar was boarded up and vacated by Arthropleura, leaving nothing but the demolished mess and vacant space behind. Rumor around the Wiki has it, however, that there are vast plans underway to transform the former bar into the TK (Terry Koeckritz) Memorial Landfill.[10]

The Weeping Lion Incident

Major controversy regarding the ownership deed to the Weeping Lion has occurred in its brief existence. The Weeping Lion has been vastly trashed improved by its inebriated occupants,[11] and renamed as "The Greasy Ham Wallet" by Ace and later "Hot l Baltimore" by Human.[12] After Arthropleura returned and everybody had left, he attempted to clean up the bar with his bucket and mop,[13] Nutty Roux trashed the joint and opened the doors letting everyone else back in.[14] Arthropleura again threw everyone out,[15] prompting Nutty Roux to block Arthropleura[16] in what was deemed by Arthur as "power abuse".[17]

Later the place was trashed again,[18] but Arthropleura had a 'kangaroo bouncer' to help out.[19] It is quite possibly more obnoxious than him. =Therian Incident=The January 2009 Therian Incident was a tempest in a teapot, that engulfed "CUR"'s attention for approximately twenty-four hours, on the subject of "therianthropy"[20]

Hints at the coming storm appeared during early January 2009 in content disputes and edit wars over RW's article on "furry fandom", during which ConservapediaUndergroundResistor (CUR), identifying himself as a "therian", objected to various comments and jokes within the article.[21]

On 21st January, CUR posted a thread on WIGO:Conservapedia talk about asking Andrew Schlafly's "policy" on therians. Other Rationalwikians were nonplussed.[22] Shortly afterwards, TheoryOfPractice, possibly unaware of the thread on WIGO, started a discussion at the Saloon bar about an article he had read on furries and "otherkin". CUR responded on behalf of otherkin and therians.[23]

The discussion rapidly mushroomed, being moved to a separate debate page, but also engulfing at various times the articles and talk pages on "therian" and "otherkin" (which were written as a result of ToP's Saloon comment and the debate), a couple of user talk pages, RationalWikiWiki, and a therian forum called the "Werelist". CUR wrote several epic posts (described by him as "Lenski-esque") defending his beliefs, which failed to persuade other editors. By the end of the debate, two members of the Werelist (named Foreverchagrin[24] and Anuolf[25]), having been alerted by CUR to events at RW, crossed over to participate in the debate.[26] Both were reportedly offended by the attitudes and treatment they received at RationalWiki (Foreverchagrin more visibly).

At this point, the aftermath is not completely understood, but:

  1. The Werelist and RW know of each others' existence. Whether this knowledge was exciting the Werelist is unknown, but the attitude at Rationalwiki might be generously described as enthusiastic complete indifference, resulting eventually in only foggy memories.
  2. RW has annoyed two prominent members of the Werelist. (Something which, no doubt, has RW editors losing lots of sleep).
  3. Therians were accused of various things, such as "recruiting", though this was quickly denied.[27]
  4. CUR may have felt he was trapped in the middle, as he maintained he was both a rationalist and a therian.
  5. CUR has been called the resident wingnut.
  6. Toast told CUR to have his head looked at if he believed this.[28]
  7. CUR has become more prominent on the Werelist[citation needed], and became even more irritating on RW.
  8. CUR and TheoryOfPractice were at odds. . . again.
  9. It has been clarified that some RationalWikians think therianthropy is comparable to a religion, while CUR, at least, thinks it is a secular philosophy. [29]
  10. CUR has succeeded in being threatened with the vandal bin. A unique and memorable achievement for a sysop.


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