The great Funspace purge of 2011 was a massive purge of RationalWiki funspace articles that took place in April 2011. Despite complaints directed toward Mei and Ty, the majority of action was performed by Totnesmartin and Weaseloid.

Oh, you wanted details? Alright then... Edit

After Bob M started a forum page on 3 April to discuss renaming funspace, the usual RationalWiki act-first-think-later stuff happened, with people deciding that what Bob meant to say was that Funspace should lose its non-funny articles. the first opening salvoes took place later that day, with a flood of removals mostly taking place over the following two days. Eighteen articles bit the dust, and another seventeen were moved. The fate of over 200 more was deferred as people went back to usual RW business.

Deleted Edit

  • 1959 - copyvio
  • A day in the life of Barack Obama - no reason given.
  • Alas! Alas! fair Conservapedia may end - no reason given.
  • Bedfordshire - Author request
  • Cabbage: Spam [even though it wasn't - Ed.]
  • Fat People - no reason stated
  • Harry Potter - "no valid content"
  • Jim Beam - no reason given.
  • John Woo - author request
  • Kill my landlord (poetry) - copyvio
  • Kitty-O was "a strange relic of the CUR era."
  • Leonard Cohen - copyvio.
  • Resistance is futile - "Resistance is useless!"
  • Short people - "just an EL to something or other"
  • The Preconception - attack page
  • Tribble - "beamed into space" and "CURcruft"
  • Why men and women are different - spam
  • Windstream - "drive-by comment, not fun.

Moved to userspace Edit

  • Atheist names - to Ty's userspace.
  • Belgium - to Totnesmartin's userspace.
  • Days of the week ending in G- to Human's userspace.
  • Dogs vs. cats to Pacodog's userspace.
  • It's three in the morning, no one else is editing, and I'm bored as hell - to Radioactive afikomen's userspace.
  • Tartar sauce - to Barikada's userspace.

Moved elsewhere Edit

As well as returning a truckload of mainspace articles about musicians that had been moved wholesale into funspace the previous December, there were:

  • Curse of Ham - added to mainspace version
  • Fucking - content moved to Austria.
  • JPatt - moved to Conservapedia:Jpatt
  • Kara Duhe - merged to Conservapedia:RobS
  • Lord of the Schlaflies - to CPspace
  • Movies about preadolescents - merged to Conservapedia:Ed Poor
  • Satyr - moved to Goat
  • Sir Farnaby Widdecombe - to CPspace
  • Sockpuppetry - merged with Internet
  • Weapon of gun - to CP space, natch.
  • WWCD - merged with Cthulhu

By 6 April the initial rush was over, leaving only the amply replete category "things you should imagine Mei is pointing at" for people to pick through at leisure.

Round 2 Edit

By 9 September, the mass purge began anew. An enormous centralized deletion page was created. Over the course of about a month, some 155 pages were deleted by humorless nerds, with only token opposition. The project ran out of steam by 7 October 2011.