The Great Deconservapediafication began in late March 2012, and involved the mass deletion of loads of old Conservapedia:space articles alongside a general move away from Conservapedia in general.


The project owes its origins to the private or otherwise decision of Board member Nutty Roux that "RW 'must' go post-CP to some extent if it's going to help attract outside funding for the RWF."[1] He proceeded to delete some[2] of the more childish Conservapedia-related snark around,[3] up to and including outright deleting articles.[4]

This prompted opposition by Ace on the grounds that Nutty was not following the community standards in this regard.[5]

Centralised deletion pageEdit

Opposition generally revolved around Nutty's lack of discussion and a coherent plan. P-Foster took the matter to the bar.[6] He offered a nickel to Tyrannis if he would make a page and "fill it with a list of every CP-related article on the wiki, each with a keep/delete poll",[7] reminiscent of—but more than three times larger than—the page created as part of the "Funspace Cleanup Project" of the previous year.

Surprisingly[8] Ty obliged, and "RationalWiki:Do we keep these CP-related articles?" was born. It included the entirety of CPspace, but none of the "fun" Conservapedia articles (unless they had CPspace redirects).


  • Nutty Roux quickly disclaimed responsibility from the monster he had created.[9][10] He pointed out that his "motives were likely different that those of the post-CP people who jumped in".[10] He appeared to want licence to nuke any page he felt needed it, without the "makework" discussion.[11]
  • P-Foster was supportive of the cleanup effort, but wanted the community input.
  • KnightOfTL;DR explained repeatedly that she's new and can't judge the articles in their historical perspective.
  • God Himself felt obliged to hide the mass of edits to the list from Recent changes.
  • Ty, of course, was prepared to nuke the majority of CPspace if he was allowed to.
  • TerrenceKoeckring voted without comment to keep every single article.[12] Despite having voted to delete one when the debate was still on talk pages.[13]
  • LArron didn't see the need to delete the 'attic of heirlooms.'[14] He was also keen on retaining the discussions relating to deleted pages rather than simply removing them too as had been done. He hasn't been seen since, though his bot did get around to updating the active users page on the 17th.[15]
  • Sterile wasn't all that keen on how things were being done,[16] though he was actually quite supportive. He just didn't want it rushed and felt the lack of communication would lead to chaos.[17]
  • Bootmii is the main guy responsible for archival, as already discussed in the WIGO.
  • DickTurpis deleted a suprising number of articles, and also started mergeing some into a special CP dyslexicon.[18]
  • Ace McWicked was critical of Nutty's lack of coherency, decided he didn't like Ty anymore and agreed with Sterile.
  • Mikalos209 just wants everybody to be calm and thinks core articles should be kept.
  • Reckless Noise Symphony thinks that everyone should actually read the articles before voting on them. What a fucking weirdo. He believes that an article should be kept if it relates somewhat to RationalWiki's mission and isn't just useless bitching about Conservapedia and glorifying parody/vandalism.
  • Phantom Hoover voted to delete every article - thus cancelling out TerrenceKoekring (democracy in action, Ladies and Gentlemen).[19]
  • TheCheat despaired of the dullness of the drama and demanded that the masses dance for his entertainment once again.
  • Blue was initially apathetic,[20] but much later voted to delete the vast majority of the remaining articles after noticing just how bad they were.[21][22]


So far, many of the obviously good or important candidates have been saved, and a small number (such as Affirmative Action President) were even recommended for mainspace. About a quarter have been deleted at this stage, though the list is about a third of the 674 it began with. Most entries removed so far have been redirects.


As of 12:24 May 8th 2012 CST

  • Deleted articles: 337 (50%)
  • Moved to fun: 4 (0.59%)
  • Moved to userspace: 3 (0.45%)
  • Moved to mainspace: 1 (0.15%)
  • Moved to forum: 2 (0.30%)
  • Merged: 11 (1.63%)


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