The Great Block War was a blocking war that started at about 8pm on March 22, 2009, and lasted until about 9:30pm. The result was that the wiki was overrun by the war, with anyone trying to edit being blocked and the main participants being unable to edit between the hail of blocks.

File:Great Block War.png


  • 7:26 - Tension mounts when Theemperor blocks Doggedpersistence.
  • 8:00 - The first shots are fired. Totnesmartin jokingly blocks Doggedpersistence, blissfully unaware of the horrors about to follow, as fire is returned on all fronts.
  • 8:08 - Phantom Hoover joins, and officialy declares a block war.[1]
  • 8:15 - Klapaucius joins, and quickly drops out.
  • 8:21 - Ttony21 joins, and full scale war begins.
  • 8:46 - Civilian casualties reported.[2]
  • 8:56 - DickTurpis enters, and all of the major players have arrived.
  • 9:14 - Attempts to get Yossarian and π involved fail.
  • 9:22 - High-powerd explosives detonate.
  • 9:32 - Ttony21 executes a swift quintuple block of the major players, and major combat operations end. He then commits suicide by cyanide pill.
  • 9:33 - Phantom Hoover puts an end to the madness.[3]
  • 9:39 - Theemperor has the final block at 9:39, banhammering Ttony21 for 31 seconds, ending the war.
  • 9:54 - Phantom Hoover uploads picture of block log for war, deletes.
  • 10:07 - A minor border scuffle between Theemperor and Sterile springs up. No casualties reported.
  • 10:56 - CUR, angry at having missed the greatest block war since his arrival, blocks Theemperor, who is promptly unblocked by π.
  • Five days later - CUR goes on a rampage, annoys the hell out of everyone. Toast decisively desysops him, but is undone by Phantom Hoover.


The block war lasted for over an hour. A table detailing the results follows.

NameBlocks givenBlocks received
Phantom Hoover6832

Controversy Edit

There is a lot of controversy as to whether this war is even notable, as it had no lasting effect on the site. Helluva fun though.



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