The Battle of WikiSynergy was an incident which occurred during The Great Server Crash of Summer '09 which, eventually, led to the temporary shutdown of WikiSynergy due to direct threats made to the site's owner, Purple Scissors.

Background Edit

WikiSynergy was a wiki designed to bring people who believed in woo and people who are skeptics into debate about so-called "frontier topics." After the Great Server Crash, refugees from RationalWiki began to flock to and colonize WikiSynergy, which was (up until then) mostly run by the so-called "Believers;" those that believe in woo and pseudosciences. Among these refugee colonists were Human and Gooniepunk2005.

The start of the battle Edit

The battle started during a period in which the site owner was away, leaving only one other part-time sysop for the site. During this period, on the WikiSynergy page about Woo, Gooniepunk2005 encountered a woo-meister named "green goose." Green goose was editing the article to be dismissive of the term "woo," while Gooniepunk2005 thought it should be more neutral (and by that, we mean it should portray the term in a positive light). Eventually, they would debate on the talkpage, and Gooniepunk2005 would be insulted numerous times by green goose. Gooniepunk2005, sick of being green goose's punching bag, called green goose a "narcissistic hypocrite." This caused green goose to lose his temper, and sent the wiki into a variant of Headless Chicken Mode. During this HCM, Gooniepunk2005 tried to call upon Human and other RationalWikians for help, but to no avail. The only other sysop on the site then tried to stop the downward spiral by placing a "Cool Heads" break in the argument. Somehow or another, Gooniepunk2005 realized that the question which he was accusing green goose of not answering was, in fact, answered earlier, and called for a truce and an end to the HCM, apologizing everywhere he could for his "stupid mistake."

The bloodletting startsEdit

After a brief breather, the still-unstable green goose starting flailing around the site, honking and hissing at anyone trying to reason with him. Demands were made (and legal threats issued) to remove some article on cryptozoology gg had cribbed from some blog written the day before. Edit and deletion wars ensued, with the final result on that issue being a completely re-written and expanded article being built by human and Gooniepunk.

Making mountains out of molehillsEdit

Gg now went on a similar rampage over yet another article which supposedly was another copyright violation, including yet another round of heavy-handed legal threats. He, then, also began trashing all the userpages and talkpages on the wiki, especially Gooniepunk's. Since WikiSynergy only, at the time, had 2 sysops, all the other editors could do is "undo" his vandalism and trolling. Even when he was blocked by the sysops (Purple Scissors and Tom Butler), he'd create a new account and continue his rampage.

The nuclear optionEdit

Apparently, behind the scenes (or in oversighted edits), gg started to threaten purple scissors livelihood and general reputation in real life. Ps' reaction, or solution, whatever one wants to call it, was to close the site down, leaving her email address as a contact point for people who desired text of articles they had written.

A few days later (roughly 9/5/09?) the site was reopened, but with viewing and editing restricted to sysops. She also made sysops of all the RW editors she recognized, and few more after people told her who they were. At this point the site's sysops/contributors consist of roughly 20 or so RWians, two or three "proponents", and the host, ps.

Restarting life on WSEdit

The long term, slow-moving plan was to rejuvenate the site in a way that it is not connected with PS. However, it looks like it is back to being just the same as it was before, with maybe a few more or less contributors, and with PS playing a less active role. The green goose vandal has not been seen since.