The TWIGO:CP Deletion Incident was an occurrence on RationalWiki that is more notable for its technical effects than for its effects on the RW community.

On January 14, 2009, somebody posted personal information about the Conservapedia sysop Karajou to the WIGO:CP talk-page.[1] This was in violation of the RationalWiki privacy policy, which forbids publication of any personal information not released into the public domain by the person concerned.[2]

The newly-demoted bureaucrat TheoryOfPractice, having no intimate knowledge of the inner-workings of MediaWiki, and well-known for possessing a short fuse, overreacted and immediately vaporized the entire page.[1] This broke all diff-links to the page, causing immediate angry reactions.[3]

When attempts were made to rectify this situation, it was found that since the page had contained over 37,000 edits, its deletion had completely locked up the Wiki's database. A small lynch-mob began forming, despite repeated apologies from TheoryOfPractice.[4][5]

Tmtoulouse had to take down the database for an hour to fix it as the mob spilled over onto RationalWikiWiki.[6] Later, in the midst of a debate about whether to enable the Oversight extension, Tmtoulouse overruled everyone and issued a fiat decree about site policy: Oversight would be enabled.[7] Later, this was moderated to RevisionDelete powers for all sysops.

A similar event occurred when Ed Poor deleted the "VfD" file at Wikipedia.[8]

The "Atheists say the darnedest things" incidentEdit

The Atheists say the darnedest things incident occurred in September 2010. It was the first time in a long time that anything really resembling HCM occurred, perhaps between five and four. But even then it was a pale imitation of the HCM of old. On the other hand it did involve a handful of major personalities getting irritated with each other. It started with the creation of a provocative article by Human (who else?) who seemed to have had no objective other than making a "better" article than the CP one. As an aside, this also harked back to the old days when RW saw itself as a competitor to CP. The title of the article "Atheists say the darnedest things" could not have been better designed to create friction in the community and it was initially greeted with scepticism both in the bar and on the talk page. Bob M took especial exception, pointing out that the quotes used had nothing to do with atheism. Armondikov accused him of letting his prejudices show and received short shrift from the usually calm Bob M. Nx deleted the examples but they were re-instated along with the suggestion that Nx was some sort of atheist fundamentalist. He reverted this with the edit comment "fuck off". Bob M continued to question the relevance of the dubious quotes and ZooGuard thought this questioning was worthy of mention in the article. Another revert followed. (ZooGuard later apologised on Bob M's talk page) Nx decided to add something from an irrelevant nobody which was at least relevant to the article and again removed the irrelevant quotes. The situation might have ended there with an actual relevant quote and added verbage from Armondikov. But the disputed quotes were again re-inserted. In yet another hark-back to the good old days little or no attempt was actually made to justify the inclusion of the disputed material. In the end those complaining seem to have walked away from the subject (causing Armondikov to describe them as "butthurt) so the article will likely stop developing now that nobody is arguing over it. Or aren't they? We will have to wait and see.


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