The TK Protocol was an unwritten rule on RationalWiki. It stated that TK's presence or involvement in a situation gives cabal members carte blanche to become indiscriminate shit-tossing yahoos.[1]

Additionally, cabalists would close ranks and defend one another to the death. An attack on one cabalist was perceived as an attack on all, and anyone (TK or earnest fellow RWians) criticizing a single cabalist while this Protocol was in effect would find themselves subjected to a storm of defensive maneuvers executed by all the cabalists.

It was sometimes maintained that Non-cabalists (i.e. post-Conservapedia members) were still held to normal standards of behavior during such periods while cabalists were not. However, as some suspect that the cabal is not an entirely closed group and that new members have been admitted from time to time, the equation - non cabalist = post-Conservapedia may not hold true. The distinction may have been between those who remembered TK and those who don't. Naturally, with the passing ot TK, the TK protocol has ceased to exist.


  1. Only those who have read Jonathon Swift's Gulliver's Travels will appreciate how insulting this is.