Sysoprevoke is a special, readily abused user rights group created by Nx and Trent to enforce a user's promotion out of the sysop group. A user in the sysoprevoke group has none of the powers associated with being a sysop, but does not have any restrictions on their editing, nor do they leave red exclamation marks in Recent Changes. Users in the group are not supposed to be demoted without moderator tech intervention. The current moderator page states that a community vote must occur for sysoprevoke, though blue interprets it as implicit in any vote for promotion. Despite this verbiage, it is used arbitrarily.

The first victim of sysoprevoke was Ace McWicked by AD, in unclear circumstances that Ace would later protest as unfair. Later, Nx placed Ace and B♭maj7 in sysoprevoke in a brxbrx-related dramafest - both were reprieved shortly thereafter. The first user to be 'properly' put in sysoprevoke was SuspectedReplicant, as part of a community vote-sanctioned penalty that expired some weeks before anyone remembered to take him out (he now uses his Rpeh account anyway).

Nutty Roux was placed in this group for a week as the resolution to the Nutty Roux dust-up coop case. Surprisingly, nobody complained.

Ace McWicked was put into sysoprevoke without a community vote in late October 2012 by tech Tyrannis, responding to Ace's promotion of the other moderators. There was then a vote on Ty's action, and the vast majority (including Ace) saw no cause to sanction the tech. Ace was removed from sysoprevoke after stepping down as a moderator.