Rationalwiki has a habit of being snarky. Snarkness is not really a good idea at times. Rationalwikians may prioritize snarkness over debunking. The snark can be rarely misogynistic in nature or much more commonly not funny.

Argumentum ad hominemEdit

Argumentum ad hominems plagues the living person articles. There were literally an edit war over whether it was okay to insult someone as "insane".[1] Some rare instances of "cunt" as an insult on living person articles,[2] odd for a feminist wiki.

Misuse of categoriesEdit

The categories "Insufferable assholes"[3] and "Bullshit"[4] are useless in promoting the wiki's goals.[5] They are just there for lulz and snark. There has been a source of annoyance as some editors may start mass adding the categories to pretty much every conservative. Rationalwiki has deleted the category "Unremitting horror" for being literally useless.[6]

Just slapping on category "Cults" to movements we don't like.[7] The "Cult" category is for actual cults. Assholes like Andrew Schlafly[8] or Dave Rubin[9] are not cult leaders.

How did anyone think this was a good idea?Edit

It took Rationalwiki two months to remove snark aimed at man who committed suicide.[10]


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