Smith brothers

The Smith brothers

Smith brother conspiracy theory is a trollish conspiracy theory[note 1] that says two brothers, Oliver D. Smith and Darryl L. Smith edit RationalWiki creating articles to harass people, further that they belong to a skeptic shadow organisation, or receive cash to create articles. Other variants of the silly conspiracy theory exist such as a sister helps them, that they have received funding from prominent skeptics (Tim Farley or Susan Gerbic) or UK anti-fascist organisations (Hope not Hate), the brothers have mental illness, or impersonate people and other absurd claims. Indeed, much written across the internet on the conspiracy theory is highly contradictory and makes no sense. All these wild allegations are denied by Oliver D. Smith, however at times Smith has entertained these bizarre and false claims; he finds them funny and beats trolls from Encylopedia Dramatica and Cold Fusion Community at their own game.


The Smith brother conspiracy theory traces back to the Encyclopedia Dramatica troll Michael D. Suarez in June 2016 who wrote an article fabricating Oliver D. Smith's history on RationalWiki and other wikis, e.g. Suarez falsely claimed Smith owned RationalWiki sysops DinoCrisis and David1234, as well as the users Forests, Ecologist, Apparition, PS2 (an impersonation by Mikemikev) and several users on Wikipedia, including Fodor Fan. Smith owns none of these accounts. Later, Suarez changed his mind, writing in November 2016 all these users were not Smith, but somehow his brother, Darryl L. Smith and created a new article, different to the previous. At times, Oliver D. Smith has entertained this misinformation about himself having a brother editing RationalWiki, after all – Encyclopedia Dramatica is a troll satirical website that isn't an accurate source about anything. However, there is no truth to these claims. At some point in 2016/17, Rome Viharo had read Suarez's article filled with bullshit and was dumb enough to think it was factual, then further misidentified a load more of RationalWiki accounts that don't belong to Smith. More recently, Abd ul-Rahman Lomax has become a main proponent of the Smith brother conspiracy theory on his website and has written over 50 posts about it, while it is also supported by neo-Nazis on Rightpedia and the alt-right troll Emil Kirkegaard who wrongly lists accounts like DinoCrisis on his website.

Impersonations and doxing

Smith doesn't deny he has a brother named Darryl, only that he isn't involved at RationalWiki. However, Mikemikev is known to have impersonated both Oliver and Darryl Smith on various websites, including RationalWiki and Encyclopedia Dramatica. Darryl, was doxed by Mikemikev, who obtained information about Smith's family behind a paywall. Mikemikev since 2017 has been impersonating Darryl, and since 2013, Oliver.


  • Michael D. Suarez (aka JuniusThaddeus): Encylopedia Dramatica troll who was desysopped and banned from RationalWiki for trolling, shit-stirring and attacking RationalWiki editors on Encylopedia Dramatica.
  • Mikemikev: neo-Nazi troll, Rightpedia admin, who had been in a 5 year feud with Oliver D. Smith.
  • Laird Shaw: schizophrenic crank-magnet and troll, friend of Rome Viharo.
  • Rome Viharo: troll and owner of a fake news website that publishes nonsense about RationalWiki.
  • Emil Kirkegaard and John Fuerst: both alt-right trolls. Kirkegaard and Fuerst doesn't argue for two brothers, but spread misinformation about Oliver D. Smith that has a lot in common with the conspiracy theory.

Crazy quotes

As an example, the older [I assume] brother (“AP”) could be the user Skeptical, who blocked socks created by the younger brother, but who targeted me, probably because of my AP documentation. Both brothers would consider me an enemy. The younger brother. However, if we look at early contributions, these are not “skeptics.” They discovered they could use the skeptical community for their own purposes, and some in that community found them useful as attack dogs, to do what they could not do without risking sanctions.
Abd ul-Rahman Lomax, ramblings on his personal website
It is difficult to tease apart which was Daryl’s activity and which was Oliver, or perhaps, another family member. Since I’ve only had direct communication with Oliver, I tend to focus on him more in this study.
Nonsense written by Rome Viharo on his personal website
RationalWiki owners allow Oliver David Smith and his brother Darryl Luke Smith (who might be Oliver himself impersonating) to conduct a campaign of defamation and impersonation on many sock accounts since they harass and smear right-wing figures, not just alt-right but Muslims and pagans.
Baloney written on Rightpedia by Mikemikev and Wyatt]

Notes & references

  1. The conspiracy theory originated on the satirical wiki Encylopedia Dramatica, in June 2016. It's unclear if it was ever meant to be taken seriously and the originator Michael D. Suarez is a self-described prankster.