The Samwell Incident refers to the supposed auctioning of Samwell, a Conservapedia account with sysop powers. Samwell herself did little between joining on 25 September 2007[1] and leaving again less than a week later.[2]

Auctioning Edit

There is no record of such an auction on RationalWiki or the RationalWiki Forums.

Because of Samwell, ASchlafly became more wary of promoting users to sysop (though substantial asskissing can still easily get you promoted). The Samwell Incident significantly worsened the general paranoia over RationalWikian socks on Conservapedia.

A subsequent post on WIGO stated:

*A day that will live in infamy, as "Samwell," whom Andy had generously given blocking privileges, turns out to be a RationalWiki user and blocks nearly all administrators (!). The account was "auctioned off" to the highest bidder in the first RationalWiki fundraising auction. The winning bid -- $10π.

Based on a comment on his talk page it seems Samwell was originally maintained by Cracker. It is not clear who ultimately assumed ownership of the account, however.

Reaction Edit

The auction provoked Headless Chicken Mode level two or three and led to the departure of Jazzman831. AmesG claims that RationalWiki apologized for the incident, but it is not clear where this apology can be found.

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