Following all this are descriptions of his trolling adventures, which are, as one might expect, kind to forums which fell for his shit, and nasty to those which saw him for the troll he is and banned him.
An admin on Ponderersguild who banned Rome Viharo
Rome Viharo has built an entire website around the controversy, containing another thirty five thousand words (largely nonsense).
Tim Farley commenting about WikipediaWeHaveAProblem

Rome Viharo is a troll who owns a fake news website about RationalWiki and Wikipedia, WikipediaWeHaveAProblem.[1] Viharo intensely dislikes his RationalWiki article and set up his own website WWHP to dox, personally attack and spread unsubstantiated rumours, wild allegations and misinformation about editors of his article to try to coerce them to delete it.


Viharo was banned on Wikipedia in October 2013 having edited as Tumbleman.[2] He posted his real name on his account.[3] After getting blocked, he was briefly mentioned on a RationalWiki article, that later resulted in his own article being created. Viharo created his first RationalWiki account in December 2013 to complain about his article creation.[4] Instead of posting a concise argument that might have resulted in the deletion of the article; Viharo got into a hissy-fit, spamming walls of text on the talk-page and then invited members from the pseudoscientific Skeptiko forum, including Laird Shaw to post comments. This resulted in further flooding of posts, attracting lots more members from Skeptiko; eventually admins got bored of it all and blocked Viharo in January 2014 for wasting everyone's time and trolling.[5] Viharo returned on the sockpuppet WikipediaWeHaveAproblem and at least two IPs.[6] By this time Viharo had his website up and running and had also posted on Skeptiko making up stories and fabricating evidence that Wikipedia and/or RationalWiki editors had somehow harassed him.[7]

At some point in 2016, Viharo turned more aggressive and started openly harassing RationalWiki sysops he thought were responsible for his article creation; his website began to dox editors, as well as create defamatory articles on them, while spreading all sorts of unsubstantiated and seemingly false allegations and conspiracy theories such as editors belonging to a skeptic shadow organisation, RationalWiki being a "troll farm" or editors being paid cash to create articles to harass people. Note that Viharo also promotes conspiracy theories about skeptics on Wikipedia.[8] In April 2018 Viharo showed up on RationalWiki on another sock, Correcttherecord. He was though invited to make a case for his article deletion to end an off-wiki feud. Rather than making an actual argument, he attacked and posted lies about RationalWiki editors, repeating much of the nonsense on his website, quickly resulting in him being blocked again.[9] Having been given numerous chances to delete his article, it seems Viharo is more interested in continuing a harassment campaign against editors of his article based on a grudge that has lasted many years, rather than getting the article deleted and moving on in his life.

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