Religion is the one subject which is guaranteed to push psychological buttons on RationalWiki. Politically, nearly all active members are left of center in some way. They all espouse liberal values. Not one of then would dream of criticizing somebody because of their color or sexuality, but when it comes to religion all bets are off. Of course color and sexuality are not really choices in the way religion is, so maybe the comparison is unfair. But anyway it's religion that gets people going and this is, of course, still The Internet. And the strange thing is that everybody feels that they are getting a raw deal - non-believers think the religious are getting the time of day too often, believers and accomodationists think that loud-mouthed atheists/antitheists rule RW. Seriously. You can see it by the way they write. Both sides feel that the other is taking some sort of unfair advantage. There are, of course, two ways to view this.

  • If nobody is happy then the site may have found some sort of "balance of irritation".


  • One view really is "right" and the others should get off the Wiki.

But it's not for RationalWikiWiki to come down on one possibility or the other. It is possible that many of the members of RW do not, in fact, care very much about religion one way or the other. The majority of the religious debates historically being carried out between members of the Gang of Four and their sworn enemies the Nag of Four with occasional contributions by their acolytes. More recently, it's possible that religion has ceased to be quite the hot trigger that it used to be as even the Great Cracker Debate failed to get a high Headless Chicken Mode value. Most of the debates that get heated tend to be about atheists rather than religion, for instance, the debacle over TheAmazingAtheist's article.