More fun than Facebook, more relevant than Reddit and more direct than Digg, Recent changes is the ticker at the heart of RationalWiki's lively and lovely community. It's the natural home of the block log, and is the cause of many improvements to articles when someone edits a random page and everyone is reminded of its existence. It's also a measure of RW's active and inactive periods, with editing dropping to one every twenty or thirty minutes some weekday mornings (UTC), and stuff almost hurtling by in the evening. Liquid threads conversations do tend to clog it slightly though, even with the javascript tidy-upper thing.

Redlink argumentEdit

The Redlink argument is a protest that even despite an overwhelming vote an article cannot be deleted, cause stuff links to it. The links in question are often links to dusty archives from days of yore, or phantom links caused by caching in sidebar nav templates. The argument mostly started in 2011 during The Great Deconservapediafication as an excuse by rpeh and Ace to restore articles that were voted for deletion.[1][2] Blue has also been known to perform this action.[3] It should be noted that the argument was completely made up and is not mentioned in the community standards. Also, the idea of fixing the damn links themselves never seems to occur to them.


  1. An example
  2. Another
  3. Really, of all the articles?

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