The RationalWiki Forums were created on May 25, 2007, in order to provide a place of discourse without the accursed edit conflicts.

There were a number of open areas where things which may or may not have been relevant to the Wiki were discussed. There may also have been one or more secret areas.

Eventually nobody but spambots posted on the forum, so it was locked down and made read-only; later it disappeared during a server move.

There is also a slightly more active forum namespace on RationalWiki itself, which was intended as a replacement for the Saloon bar, but never really took off.

Possible secret areas Edit

Cabal - initially a secret hangout for the Cabal, this board was quickly sniffed out by TK, leading to the creation of ...

Cabal 2 - this was set up by Linus, as a cunning expedient to make TK think that he had penetrated to the inner sanctum. It was populated by cut and pastes from the "real" forum.

That said, he has led people to believe that he has breached its security at least once: by means of Cracker giving him his password, so that "out of fairness" TK would see that Trent and AmesG's assurances they were working on other Cabal members to admit him were false. Using information gained there, TK supposedly created It is now simply Cabal, and its members try to avoid discussing policy there, but are never very successful in doing so. Since the whole place has been mothballed for ages, the past tense should be inferred here.

Subversion - yet another hidden section of the RationalWiki Forums set up by RW Bureaucrat Linus for the not-so-subtle sockpuppet of TK whence to plan nefarious goals. Some of the original members there included Wikinterpreter and GodlessLiberal and AmesG.

Cabal 3.14 - ultra secret forum accessible only by tmtoulouse and his sock puppet where they argue with each other all day.

On 10 June 2009 there was a total of 7,265 posts in non public forum areas.[1] On 8 October 2009 there was a total of 7,477 in non public forum areas.[2] So more than half the number of posts in the total forum are in secret areas (so much for an open wiki) and between those two dates they have been averaging around 50 posts a month. That's almost two a day!

Notable sections of the Forum namespaceEdit

Irrelevant sections of the Forum namespaceEdit

  • Sports, not updated since November 2010


  1. 10 June 2009: the statistics box at the bottom of claimed 12,888 posts, while counting up the posts in the public forums there were 5623 posts. Subtracting the visible from the total we get the number that must be hidden.
  2. 8 October 2009: the statistics box at the bottom of claimed 13,142 posts, while counting up the posts in the public forums there were 5697 posts.

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