The RW server functions to a certain extent like the long-defunct IRC, but newer and with equally few RW users (at least two-thirds of active people on the Discord are lurkers).[1] The server is under the same mobocratic system as RationalWiki, though with FuzzyCatPotato and TheMyonRW as permanent mods, and five mods instead of six. The server is often dead during the workweek (or schoolweek for many RWians), but can reach conversations with up to five people.

Unofficial EraEdit

RationalWiki has had an unofficial Discord server since January 2017 run by TheMyon due to a brief debate, but this has been defunct since the official server's creation.[2] This unofficial server closed down debate for a few months, until debate briefly restarted about a month later.[3] Debate then ended again, and the server remained mostly unmentioned and unknown until September. Nobody really knows anything about this era of the server.

Official EraEdit

On September 22, FuzzyCatPotato announced a new, official Discord server.[4] Due to getting far more exposure than TheMyon's, it grew rapidly (for the first couple days) and elected some mods, as theirs became defunct as a result. They were given permanent mod rights on the server as consolation. Nowadays, the only thing Discordians there have in common is that they use RW and are generally left-leaning and irreligious. The server became a breeding ground for fights between ancoms and socdems for a while. The mod NullRW quickly resigned due to lack of time, and GlyphRW resigned as mod as a result of the outbreak of headless chicken mode below.

First ElectionsEdit

In the server's early days, it was decided FCP and Myon would have indefinite mod rights, since FCP is the founder and Myon ran the old server. It was also decided that two mods would be elected every three months. Eight people decided to run for it. It functioned as a two-round systemWP divided into two districts. Null won the first round in their district, while DiamondDisc1 and Glyph, a dark horse candidate, advanced to the second round in their district after Emperor Scott I of Canada (S.H. DeLongRW) broke the tie between Glyph and Goat-Aristocrat Bigs (then Supreme Leader Bigs). As Bigs successfully campaigned for his supporters to go for Glyph, a dark horse victory looked imminent, until DD1 got their support to vote, partially due to Xbony2RW, who was bitter from their loss to Null in their district, backing DD1. Hissy fits between Bigs and Xbony2 ensued. In the end, both candidates were granted mod due to increasingly close results.

Headless Chicken ModeEdit

Late at night on November 3 (EST), Bigs decided to invite people on a Discord server called The Frontal Lobe to the RationalWiki server, which in his own words, "built a burning bridge." A huge amount of them immediately traveled there. Things quickly descended into chaos as the mod Glyph was not happy with the new crowd and people with radically different beliefs from RationalWiki flooded the server. In the end, about five people from TFL joined.

The liberal douche LoneShaman, who is known for causing trouble on TFL, was quickly banned, as was the alt-lite TFL user Caspian Penn. As the discussion went on, moderate conservative IF (then Vignette April) grew tensions with Glyph. The whole discussion was headless chicken mode, with many complaining about the new crowd. After the discussion turned heated and about LGBT rights, Glyph snapped when Vignette used the attack helicopter meme, and swiftly banned him. While she was supported in the move by one user, Bigs and GodEmperorOfTheAmericanEmpire secretly complained about it on TFL.


As a result of the events, Glyph stepped down from her position as mod, leaving a vacancy. Three people announced they were running to finish her term, even though no election had actually been called. The people were Bigs (who started this in the first place), Timewarper2 (who really didn't care about the election), and Devvy Downer (who had gone on numerous ancom rants ever since he joined). The former two promised a vote to decide the fate of Devvy if they won (which was almost guaranteed to result in a banhammering), as Devvy complained about people not giving him a chance. This would lead to the...

Second ElectionsEdit

As a result of Glyph's resignation, FCP held a poll that voted in favor of having six mods, meaning three would have to be voted in instead of the initially planned one. Some debates over the voting system ensued. TFL got intel on the election from an inside source. Unlike the first election, which was two-round voting, this one was under single transferable voteWP as the wiki's are, making it more democratic than last time. Also, this one actually had a plan rather than being utterly chaotic. The victors were Bigs, SpacePriusRW and N7.GethRW.

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