RationalWikiWikiWiki refers to various attempts by RW or RWW members to set up a wiki monitoring the goings-on at RationalWikiWiki (in much that same way that this site monitors RationalWiki).

For the most part, these have petered out and been abandoned within a matter of hours or days, due to boredom and lack of interest, and the fact that nothing much ever happens here, leaving no more "articles" than you could count on the fingers of one hand, or more content than you could read in ninety seconds. Mostly they exist only for mildly satirical purposes, and for speculating about the true identity of the totally mysterious Hans Johnson.

Rationalwikiwikiwiki [now defunct] was active from 16th April to 17th April 2008, edited exclusively by "rwwadmin" (no relation to RWW's Admin), and Icewedge. It no longer exists at all, let alone being actively updated.

Ratwikiwikiwiki dates from around the same period, and briefly involved Bohdan, AKjeldsen and Human. It is completely devoid of content, but did have a dancing banana where a brain would usually be found.

RationalWikiWikiWiki was set up by Pi in a corner of RationalWiki's funspace on 17th December 2008. Other than a parody of RWW's main page, it contains only stub articles. It is updated whenever anyone here remembers it exists.

To further the meta-meta silliness, Icewedge set up RationalWikiWikiWikisWiki on 25 January 2009, to document the RationalWikiWikiWikis listed above. On 2 March 2009, they decided to set up a WIGO RationalWikiWikiWiki so that they'd have something more than a main page.

Tisane and the Case of the Butthurt Pedophile Edit

He's a highly experienced MediaWiki user and has also done some MW development. He buys the domain and he pays for hosting. Gives him owner control. There is very little anyone can do about that. And... he knows the law much better than the idiots here and on RW.
Abd, on Tisane[1]
This a courtesy notice regarding a Terms of Service violation... your account's web site(s) will be deactivated, access to your account will be disabled, and you will need to call our service line, (866) 573-HOST, option 5, to discuss and resolve the suspension of your account.
Hostmonster's Terms of Service Department to Tisane
RationalWikiWikiWiki is a venture by Tisane (under the name "Leucosticte") active on-and-off from late August 2012. Its purpose appears to be publishing Tisane's essays promoting such topics as the "possible benefits of having sex with one's children", and providing an outlet for some of the butthurt he suffered in being banned from RationalWiki over this issue.

On September 11th, Tisane received a notification that the site was in violation of their webhost's Terms of Service, and he was forced to delete the essays relating to sexual conduct with minors. The following day, the site became inaccessible, but soon reappeared under a new webhost, complete with vast numbers of "boylove"-related stubs ported from other pro-pedophilia sites. Within a few days, Tisane moved the site to yet another new host.

As well as complaints from at least one of its webhosts, Leucosticte has received cease and desist requests from Tmtoulouse (Trent Toulouse), regarding RWWW's use of the RationalWiki Foundation's name and derivative logo. Refugee also took umbrage at Tisane's use of a RWW logo variation created by her.

Aside from Leucosticte, the site has been primarily edited by Abd (in between tedious bouts of LANCB), and a couple of unknowns. Some RationalWikians have turned up briefly, included Reckless Noise Symphony who added various recipes to the first edition of the site, and Ace McWicked, who mass-deleted much RWWW content.


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