Hello, and welcome to RWW 4.0, the self-proclaimed reincarnation of Old RationalWikiWiki. We're the same as 3.0 except now we're on Wikia, which means we'll never die! This is a wiki designed to document RationalWiki, a pointless blip on the internet. So far, I intend to establish a benevolent dictatorship under me (though one doesn't have to go far for it to be clear Ronin and Simon run the place).

Update: We're pretty much dead so if you are contributing, then ask for admin rights on my message wall.


Switching to source editor: So this edits like RationalWiki, it's important you do the following if you intend to use source editor; required for the treehouse to work properly.

  1. Click the button with your profile picture on it.
  2. Click "My Preferences"
  3. Click "Editing"
  4. Set your preferred editor to source editor

Talk pages: While we do use message walls, we use talk pages instead of comments for functionality.

  1. Click the arrow on the edit button
  2. Click "Talk"

Show Hidden Categories:

  1. Go to your Preferences.
  2. Under "Advanced display options", tick "Show hidden categories".
  3. Click the save button.


  1. All trusworthy users are granted admin and rollback.
  2. Trent Toulouse is our goat-emperor, not Jimmy Wales.
  3. No trolling, please.
  4. You do not get bureaucracy here just for being a mod on The Main Wiki.
  5. If you are Wikia staff, no complaining about Rule 1.
  6. Please don't sign posts on message walls, it looks weird.
  7. We are not meant to be an archive of The Old Wiki. Only post major/important Old Wiki pages on here. The Old Wiki's archive can be found here. It is okay to post archives up and revise them though.
  8. When documenting cross-wiki trolls, please try to stick to their RationalWiki antics.

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