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Existence as you know it is over. We will add your viewcounts and editcounts to our own. Your contributions will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.
RationalWiki, or RatWiki, is an online politics/science wiki, which was initially founded as a reaction to ConservapediaRW, a far-right dominionistRW group blog masquerading as an online Christian, conservative encyclopedia. Over time, it evolved to cover more and more topics, and is usually 15,000-25,000 on Alexa ratings.[2]


RationalWiki defines itself as a mobocracy, and seems to govern as a semi-direct democracy. It has heavy restrictions on the power of its mods and sysops written into its de facto rules. Sometimes this mobocratic system can become an issue, as it can take too long for the banhammering of the less extreme or blatant trolls.

The position of sysop is next to worthless, which can be debated as good or bad, with nearly all contributing or formerly contributing inactive users having the position.


A short history.[3]

RationalWiki 1.0Edit

In March 2007, a Wikipedia comment left by Tmtoulouse on ColinR's talk page butterflied RationalWiki into existence. For its first two months, the wiki is closed to non-users, so nobody really knows what happened during this period of time except the cabal. TK performed the Night of the Blunt Knives, where he banned everyone suspected of relation to RationalWiki. A week later, RW 2.0 was opened up as a response, which allowed the public to view it.

The first users were the two mentioned above, Human, and Linus. A few months later, WIGO is founded, initially about Conservapedia.

RationalWiki 2.0 Edit

In December, Uncyclopedia made an article on it. ColinR vanished in February, never to return. The next year, a pissing contest between π and Radioactive afikomen leads to the de facto "everyone is a sysop" policy that has dominated the wiki ever since. Around the same time, Genghis Khant founds the saloon bar, which is where people shitpost. From August 19 to September 6, the wiki crashed. In early 2010, a Loya Jirga is elected, which sort of served as proto-mods. The article this section is being copied off of was made on May 31. On the fourth anniversary of Night of the Blunt Knives, everyone is decratted and desysoped. On the 17th, Trent announces a huge user rights change, which leads to mass LANCBing. It's Conservapedia-centric past is slowly deleted away, and on May 22 of this year, it turns 10. On September 22, FuzzyCatPotato created the Discord server.

I heard you like server changes so I transferred you to a new server while you changed servers to a virtual server on a real server then back to a dedicated server again Edit

Following server problems, RW2.1 was created, which was simply RW2 running on a better hosting service.

A few months later, RW 2.2 was created, which included a better MediaWiki, though it broke the choose function.

On November 14th 2010, RW switched to a commercial hosting, and RW 3.0 was born.

Then on June 28, 2017, we had another server upgrade where Rationalwiki finally updated to MediaWiki 1.27. And a data breach was discovered.[4] Oh no!

Welcoming the nonprofit overlords Edit

Rationalmedia Foundation, formerly Rationalwiki Foundation is the non-profit that funds Rationalwiki.[5] It's boring and meh.

RationalWiki and the rest of the internet Edit

Obviously, RationalWiki enjoys some notoriety with the site that spawned it, Conservapedia, along with CP's various other spin-offs (A Storehouse of Knowledge, Ameriwiki, and Conservative News and Views).

Another key draw to RW (and one that, unlike the Conservapedia-verse, is slowly growing) is that they supply several articles on common terms used in the skeptic and atheist blogospheres, such as Gish Gallop, Poe's Law, and Pascal's wager. This is the role — a succinct, unambiguously pro-science resource for freethinkers — that site founder Tmtoulouse has long promoted the site as fulfilling, with the Foundation Board presumably now promoting as well.

The uncompromising terms of RationalWiki naturally offends certain kinds of wackadoodles, and crackpots and batshit internet communities have increasingly started to notice and complain about the Wiki that's calls itself Rational but isn't rational as they define it. (These swathes of New Agers, racists, sexists, and ultraconservatives are collectively referred to as the "clogosphere.")

Additionally, traffic from RationalWiki occasionally affects other, smaller wikis, such as the alternative medicine wiki, Wiki4CAM (RWians trolled the site); the would-be failed-to usurper of Wikipedia , Citizendium (commentary at RW affected their policy discussions); and the wiki index, Wikisynergy (RWians sparked a major controversy).


It is mostly written in English though it has a small, mostly stagnant, language section, which includes Arabic, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Farsi, and Russian, which was forked to a new site, One article written entirely in lolcat was thankfully diverted to Funspace. There is also one article written in Esperanto.


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