The Rational in RationalWiki is one locus of conflict on the site. The word rational has only one meaning, that conforming to reason, but it is disingenuously used to mean different things by different groups. Some, especially the Gang of Four, equate "rational" and "rationalism" with "atheist" and "atheism". They and other atheists occasionally throw out the word "rational" like a talisman, believing it will automatically dispel anything they label "irrational", like religion. Needless to say, the somewhat smaller number of theists on the site, especially the Nag of Four, claim this practice is disingenuous. They maintain that the word has been hijacked by the atheists, and they point out, that it could also refer to a rational number. This latter argument has not been very persuasive. Both groups are probably correct within their own terms of reference, but the ambiguity does cause conflict. Obviously it would be nice to resolve this ambiguity, but as this might result in one group or another abandoning the wiki this is unlikely to happen in the near future.