The quote generators are a minifad on RationalWiki, consisting of a collection of randomised statements that are supposed to emulate the writing style of a particular individual. The first one was the Schlafly Quote Generator, and has grown from humble beginnings to become a mighty edifice. The next was the Ken Quote Generator, which doesn't work quite as well, because Ken's comments aren't as canned as Schlafly's, shortly followed by the Karajou Quote Generator, which doesn't work at all, because Karajou doesn't have a distinctive style of commenting.

ConservapediaUndergroundResistor decided that it would be amusing to make a quote generator of himself. Other RationalWikians were less than amused (see the talk page). There have been calls for sanity on the talk page of Javascap's self-made quote generator, as it is supposedly only the first step on the way towards quote generators for all RationalWikians.

A similar addiction, and confusing as hell to new users, presumably, has been the use of the "span username goes here" gimmick whereby a random (or non-random) assault appears to be directed towards the logged-in user reading it. While more experienced users eventually enjoy the ensuing hilarity, we only have to wonder how off-putting this "joke" might be to the casual editor who just signed up out of curiosity. π has attempted to rectify this by creating a script that adds "(Fake name)" after them.

And then there are the "verb", "noun", and "adjective" templates, that some users insert into "welcoming" template additions, resulting in some fairly weird "welcome to the X X X of the internet" results.

Yet another are the fake "You have new messages" notices, which are identical in appearance to the normal one, but clicking the links generally leads to the log out page.

RationalWiki may yet outsmart itself with screwy in-jokes.