Post-Conservapedia is a catchall term for things on RationalWiki that have moved beyond Conservapedia, or were never a part of it. It exists opposite anti-Conservapedia (pro-Conservapedia doesn't really exist, even with RobSmith, and pre-Conservapedia is somehow nonsensical).

When discussing the site, post-Conservapedia nebulously refers to the future of RationalWiki after Conservapedia "dies." This includes those articles that are neither in the CPspace nor created in reaction to something on Conservapedia, as well as the grander dilemma of RationalWiki's purpose after it moves on (if it can) from Conservapedia. For example RW's Expelled:Leader's Guide article is post-Conservapedia.

When discussing people, post-Conservapedia refers to those users who joined or who currently edit RationalWiki for reasons other than Conservapedia. Examples include EVDebs, Radioactive afikomen, and the late SusanG.

Given that many new users seem to start off their activities at WIGO Conservapedia (and some never leave it) the post-Conservapedia iteration of RW as a whole seems long off.


In 2011, the movement has been gaining ground, especially with the demise of TK, and an essay by Blue about missionality in articles. RationalWiki appears to be attracting serious (but still snarky) editors who make massive contributions and template-making hyperactive maniacs who have suddenly started deleting articles that aren't vandalism.

With the increase of 403 blocks at Conservapedia preventing RW editors from even viewing it, they may be the only ones left if WIGO:CP closes down. Unfortunately(?) the blocks were reversed a few months later.


In March of 2012, the movement won its crowning achievement. Countless pages about Conservapedia were deleted as unnecessary, and with widespread support. A sequel was launched about four years later.[1]

It's quite clear most users barely care about CP anymore, as a result of new users replacing old ones who retired, and the fact that WIGO CP gets a single digit amount of monthly updates nowadays.[2]


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