In the wake of the Saloon Bar Putsch, after the recratting by Blue and Ty, some RWans formed political parties as a means of expressing their vision for RationalWiki and garner support for those visions. (Note: This is what some RationalWikians consider entertainment!)

The PartiesEdit

In order of founding:

RationalWiki Reform SocietyEdit

MarcusCicero's political party which had existed before, but which he'd revived as a result of calls for reform resulting from the Putsch.

RationalWiki Progressive PartyEdit

Founded by a BoN, this party is arguably the most radical, calling for the merging of the WIGOs CP, aSK, and CZ, as well as a user rights set up "similar to other successful wiki's," (presumably Wikipedia?), and an anti-trolling policy, specifically targeting MarcusCicero.

The People's Front of RationalWikiEdit

This group is arguably the most conservative, advocating for the maintenance of RW's traditional style of non-government. It was founded as a Monty Python reference by Human. It's a joke. Political parties on a wiki hellbent on anarchy or oblivion are for lonely 19 year olds who can't get laid.

Ten Thousand Butts PartyEdit

This party holds that debates over user rights are boring, and that the mobocracy presents a unique culture that must be preserved. It's name stems from the assertion that user rights discussions are as interesting as ten thousand repetitions of the word "butt." It was founded by AD.

The RationalWiki People's FrontEdit

Founded by Blue (who got the joke) as a foil to the People's Front of RationalWiki, this group believes in having less bureaucrats and stricter enforcement of the community standards.

RationalWiki JacobinsEdit

Founded by Brxbrx in response to the Progressive Party's radicalism, their main difference with them is the desire to preserve WIGO:CP. They also are firmly opposed to trolling and flaming between editors, and desire the election of seven crats for life.


Some users think the parties are silly, and there was some discussion between Nutty Roux and Brxbrx as to whether the parties should be in user space instead of project space.[1]

They've been forgotten, even by the few who cared in the first place.