"This isn't your circle jerk anymore" (and variations thereupon) is a phrase predominantly directed by Bricks at Nutty Roux and Ace McWicked, two editors he's targeted as the kingpins of a RW hegemony that he has desired to overthrow from nearly the moment he came to RW.

Serious era Edit

Brx originally used the phrase to attack the intentions of users who expressed reservation about plunging headlong into a complete revision of RW's bureaucrat policies during the May 2011 crisis; Brxbrx accused these people of being opposed to change and only wanting to cling to "prestige" and "the right to troll and flame others." [1] Shortly thereafter, the phrase became the slogan of Brx's short-lived "political party".[2] Less than a month later, he used it again to admonish Ace McWicked, who had been taken to the chicken coop for repeatedly wandalizing Nx's user page. He expressed some regret that the phrase was so harsh,[3] and this probably marks the end of serious usage of the phrase.

Ironically, Brxbrx has an unrepentant tendency to create drama. He pleaded no contest to charges of sustained sysop abuses in the Chicken Coop, promoting himself before an overwhelming consensus emerged to strip him of his rights.

Bricks used the phrase one more time in an argument with SuspectedReplicant, Nutty Roux, and Ace McWicked[4] — editors who are tired of Brx's habit of seeking negative attention and regularly flame him for his complete lack of worth as both an editor and a member of society.

Use of "not your circle jerk any more" spread beyond the Brxbrx/Ace McWicked nexus when Weaseloid created a graphic based on Nutty Roux's RationalWiki advert-type-thing[5]making fun of Brxbrx called "Analyzing brxbrx,"[6] in which the slogan appears in a speech bubble from a young boy whom Nutty Roux came to describe as "Brxbrx trying to talk his way out of getting his ass kicked up and down the block by some older boys for being a smarmy punk."[7]

In a pseudo-Parthian shot, Blue used the phrase "this apparently isn't my circlejerk anymore" to humorously describe her feeling of alienation from the RWW community.[8] A few days later, Ace McWicked used the phrase on Bricks himself.[9]


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