During the flourishing period of the antitheistic Gang of Four, the Nag of Four represented the more theistic side of RationalWiki; they functioned as both an impediment to and a brake on RationalWiki's supposed anti-religion bias. These days, the general consensus is that the Gang won the battle and that RationalWiki is now entirely antitheist.

Final members Edit

  • ListenerX was included because we were short of candidates. He identifies as both an Odinist and a rationalist. Nevertheless, he seems to be prepared to stand up for religion from time to time and wrote an essay to the effect that atheism is a religion.[1] To call this essay "controversial" would be incorrect, as almost all the other editors were in agreement that it was "not even wrong;" he was eventually forced to admit that his arguments had a very questionable basis.
  • MarcusCicero, a legendarily lame troll, has consistently and loudly voiced his belief that the anti-theistic tone of RationalWiki is wrong and antithetical to the purpose of rationalism. The core of his belief, as he has stated numerous times, is essentially that, just because one is religious, it doesn't mean that they are a bad person or, even, that they are an irrational person. He also contends that just because one is an atheist, it doesn't make them superior.
  • Radioactive afikomen appears in discussion over religion quite frequently. His goals are perhaps the least clear of the Nag of Four, as his own philosophy on the matter is not entirely apparent. He has variously claimed to be a Jew, an atheist, and an apatheist. Given the eagerness with which he leaps into such discussions, and his palpable disappointment when others fail to respond to his arguments, it is possible he simply enjoys arguing or that he sees it as another way to gain prominence and status on the wiki.


Unlike the Gang of Four, the Nag suffered from a high turnover of members. All the following have been members of the Nag but are now no longer active; AKjeldsen and Pink quit in frustration, Armondikov was prompted to take a harder line, and Tolerance revealed herself for a parodist.

  • Armondikov is an intelligent and articulate editor who does their best to put a rational face on religion - despite being quite a strong atheist.
  • AKjeldsen was the most active opposition figure on RationalWiki. Although Roman Catholic, he seldom came off as explicitly religious, and, like most other members of the Nag (old and new), held to the idea of Non-Overlapping Magisteria. He usually (and probably wisely) confined himself to questioning the assumptions of others, rather than outright arguing in favor of God.
  • Editor at CP typically popped onto a talk page to express his objections over whatever he perceived to the the "anti-religion rant of the moment" was, or simply to back up whatever AKjeldsen happened to be saying. While clearly interested in moderating the explicitly atheistic stance of RationalWiki, he was less of a presence in the discussions than AKjeldsen and Radioactive Afikomen.
  • Pink was, like AKjeldsen, a moderate, and was more intent on questioning others' prejudices than proving that God existed; given the low likelihood that RationalWiki's secular users would accept such "proof", this was probably another wise decision.
  • Tolerance had to be included as the most Outspoken (albeit intermittent) religious Voice on RW. She maintained that "Respect" for religion is a fundamental Requirement and that NOMA is a way of showing this Respect. Her stance sometimes meant that she ran into Logical Corners, a Problem which she dealt with by simply Ignoring it. She later came out as a Troll and Parodist, much to everyone's Non-Surprise.

Wannabes Edit

Unlike the Gang of Four, the Nag of Four don't enjoy enough support to have many groupies.

  • At one time PFoster (now TOP) would have been a shoo-in, but his recent conversion to antitheism on the road to Damascus the USA seems to have ruled him out. He has even been proposed as a member of the Gang of Four.
  • In late March 2009 CUR posted a pro-religion piece in RW and suggested that he be made a member of the group. This was unilaterally rejected by Phantom Hoover who is apparently the new God King of RWW.


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