The mob is the collection of all the random arbitrary whims of all the editors at RationalWiki. Some people tend to think of "the mob" as if it were like "the people" in a democracy, but the distinction is different, as "the mob" does everything and anything it wants, including fighting within itself to get anything done. The "consensus" of the mob in debates is arrived at through wheel wars and edit wars, and one side eventually giving up. It is important to note, however, that this sort of "consensus" is fleeting and subject to overturning the very instant anyone disagrees again. Consensus at any time is basically a combination of the number of supporters multiplied by their audacity. The meek and weak willed, even with a majority support, will still not get their way. Meanwhile single members of the mob with enough tenacity can rule.

Thus, the mob is not a collection of people, but rather of spurious whims. The mob does not lynch someone because the majority of the mob has voted that such a lynching should be done, but because no other part of the mob opposes the other part of the mob that wants to do the lynching enough to stop the lynching.