Mikemikev is a neo-Nazi troll who has vandalised RationalWiki on over a hundred sockpuppets since 2013. He often impersonates different people on his accounts including anti-racists, ANTIFA and so-called SJWs, members of the forum OpenPsych who banned him (e.g. Emil Kirkegaard, John Fuerst and Davide Piffer) as well as Oliver D. Smith who he has impersonated across the internet for years. When impersonating other users, Mikemikev sometimes attacks himself as a false flag so he can then play the victim and show up on another sockpuppet or IP to defend himself; he also creates concern troll accounts to derail discussions and other socks to harass individuals he dislikes. The following lists his accounts and impersonations, most of them blocked. Note that Mikemikev is a compulsive liar who blames many of his account impersonations onto innocent individuals.



Mikemikev sockpuppet

In November 2015 RationalWiki made a sockpuppet graphic for Mikemikev because he creates so many accounts.[1]


Notes & References

  1. See here.
  2. Mikemikev has also impersonated Kirkegaard on Wikipedia, see Emil Kirkegaard.
  3. Account was originally named Oliver Smith schizoid, but changed by an admin to I like Oliver Smith a ton.
  4. EgalitarianJay aka Morpheus is an individual who has debated Mikemikev on multiple forums about racialism (see here and here). Mikemikev has a history of impersonating different users on EgalitarianJay's old forum MootSF, see here.
  5. The first article creation made by Schizophrenic was a copy & paste job from another website, that Smith had written; in other words Mikemikev copied Smith's writings to make the account look genuine, but most other edits on the account don't resemble Smith; Mikemikev also doxed Smith's real name and the account is blocked as an obvious impersonation: Blog Log: "Impersonation, not real "Oliver"