Mikemikev Michael Coombs

Internet troll and RationalWiki sockpuppeteer Michael Coombs whose online alias is Mikemikev.

Mikemikev (real name: Michael Coombs) is an infamous neo-Nazi troll who has vandalised RationalWiki on over a hundred sockpuppets since 2013. He trolls the wiki by impersonating different users, as well as pretending to be an ANTIFA activist or anti-racist e.g. he often impersonates members of the anti-racist campaign group Hope not Hate by creating fake accounts in their name. Another of his antics is to impersonate individuals who end up having articles created about themselves, e.g. Rome Viharo, John Fuerst and Emil Kirkegaard, but then blames the impersonations onto Krom to instigate fights. When impersonating other users, Mikemikev sometimes attacks himself as a false flag so he can then play the victim and show up on another sockpuppet or IP to defend himself; he also creates concern troll accounts to derail discussions and other socks to harass individuals he dislikes. The following lists his accounts and impersonations, most of them blocked. Note that Mikemikev is a compulsive liar who blames his account impersonations onto innocent individuals despite evidence all these accounts are his.

Mikemikev also creates lots of socks on Wikipedia, Metapedia, Wikiversity, Wikimedia Meta-Wiki and Commons, Encyclopedia Dramatica, Reddit, Twitter and internet forums that have all banned or suspended him. Based on the huge number of accounts, Michael Coombs is almost certainly unemployed and obsessively trolls the internet during normal working hours, up to 18 hours a day. He has more than 260 sockpuppets on Wikipedia alone.



Mikemikev sockpuppet

In November 2015 RationalWiki made a sockpuppet graphic for Mikemikev because he creates so many accounts.[1]

Mikemikev's main obsession is impersonating or creating fake accounts of Emil Kirkegaard, Rome Viharo and Oliver D. Smith, often using their real names, but then denying he made the sockpuppets.



Mikemikev created a nonsensical article on Rightpedia named "Oliver David Smith sockpuppets" that blames his own sockpuppets (listed above) onto Krom. Smith later contacted Mikemikev on Gab, requesting him to take down the misinformation he owns Mikemikev's accounts; Mikemikev admitted the entire article is made up lies, but wrote it to negatively influence Google searches of Smith's name (note that David isn't even Smith's real middle name.) To this day Mikemikev still creates dozens of accounts to troll and attack Smith on RationalWiki.[2]


Note that all these IPs are British Telecommunications PLC that match Mikemikev's most recently blocked IPs on Wikipedia.[3]

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