I've been hammering rationalwiki regularly for years. My IP is banned and I can't be bothered loading torbrowser at the moment.
Mikemikev, uses Tor to vandalise RationalWiki
One of the white nationalists who co-founded Rightpedia, a far-right free encyclopedia that split from Metapedia, created more than 140 accounts in the past 10 years.
Southern Poverty Law Center, mentioning Mikemikev's sockpuppetry

Mikemikev (real name Michael Coombs) is a neo-Nazi troll and sockpuppeteer who vandalises RationalWiki by posting racism and Holocaust denial. He has been blocked on over a hundred accounts since April 2013. After getting repeatedly blocked, Mikemikev started harassing RationalWiki sysops by doxing them and creating defamatory articles in their names on Rightpedia, an anti-Semitic wiki that he administrates with the neo-Nazi Eleonóra Dubiczki and white supremacist Wyatt.

An infamous troll, Coombs has been banned on almost every forum and wiki he has joined for trolling and sockpuppetry which resulted in him becoming an infamous "lolcow" on Kiwi Farms that monitors his bizarre internet antics. Coombs is extremely repetitive in his behaviour online: he joins a forum or wiki, gets quickly banned for racism and/or deliberately picking fights with other users, then creates lots of sockpuppets, often pretending to be different people to ban-evade. His accounts however are easy to detect based on his insane behaviour.

Similar to his shenanigans and trolling on RationalWiki – Mikemikev is also a notorious sockpuppeteer on Wikipedia, having been blocked on hundreds of accounts, with a lengthy sockpuppet investigations archive going all the way back to 2010. Coombs is known to maliciously impersonate individuals he dislikes on both Wikipedia and RationalWiki by creating fake sock accounts in their real names, or pseudonym(s).


Michael Coombs first created the account Mikemikev in April 2013, but was blocked for inserting Holocaust denial and posting racism.[1] While posting as Mikemikev, Coombs made it clear he was an admin on the far-right Metapedia and spammed their article criticizing RationalWiki. In March 2014, Coombs' fellow neo-Nazis banned him from Metapedia; even they had enough of his trolling and antics describing him as a "drunken trouble causer... there is a reason why he get's banned from everywhere."[2] This resulted in Coombs 2014-15 creating lots of sockpuppets to vandalise articles on the topic of race; Krom blocked most of them.[3] Mikemikev's constant vandalism to RationalWiki's racialism article often sees the page being locked and protected for long-periods of time; the racialism talk-page archives log dozens of his sockpuppets.[4][5]


See the main article on this topic: Mikemikev sockpuppets
Mikemikev has created RationalWiki accounts to impersonate individuals he dislikes as a method to harass and troll them, as well as accounts pretending to be ANTIFA or members of the anti-racist group Hope not Hate, e.g. ANTIFAGuy and Hope not Hate Member. He then blames these fake account creations onto Krom, trying to instigate fights. As an example, RaceRealist's RationalWiki article was created on a fake account by Mikemikev pretending to be an anti-racist, who on Rightpedia then tried to pin the account onto Krom. After Krom realised the deception he contacted RR; Mikemikev has impersonated Krom on dozens of other accounts, including using his real name.[6] Another individual Mikemikev has impersonated is Maunus, creating an article in his name attacking Doug Weller, a Wikipedia admin who bans his sockpuppets.[7] Weller showed up on RationalWiki to complain; the article was deleted and the impersonation blocked. In response, Mikemikev created an article to attack Maunus on Rightpedia, and set up fake accounts of him on other websites. Mikemikev usually lies about his impersonation accounts and tries to blame them onto innocent people, despite clear evidences for his crimes.

Racism and anti-Semitism

The Jews who run your media right now are indoctrinating everyone. Indoctrinating them against White people.
Mikemikev, Jew-hater on Gab (May 2018)
Mikemikev identifies as a white nationalist, fascist and a "far-right wing extremist" (his own words[8]). He is pro-Hitler, and is a fanatical proponent of white supremacism, for example writing on his Stormfront account: "White Supremacism" means you think Whites are superior. I do too."[9] He is not interested in moderating any of his views and his internet behaviour seems to gravitate towards deliberately trying to be the most racist and offensive online - in the style of the Neo-Nazi Daily Stormer and 4chan alt-right trolls. As an example his account avatar on Encylopedia Dramatica forum is a Nazi swastika; he posts crude racism on forums, describing black people as "small minded tribal apes" and "ugly Negroes", Mexicans as "low IQ bean people", and Jews as "filthy lying kikes"[10]. He often posts Holocaust denial on his Gab account. Mikemikev has gone as far as posting his sick fantasies of killing black people, by using "live ammo" on "niggers".[11] He has also disturbingly criticized the Daily Stormer for not openly endorsing violence against other races, writing: "sad that not advocating violence has to be the official position of this site."[12] In 2018, Twitter permanently deleted his account @Mikemikev for racism.

Michael Coombs promotes crackpot anti-Semitic conspiracy theories such as Jews were behind 9/11 and the white genocide conspiracy theory popular among white nationalists. Despite spamming the white genocide paranoia all over the internet, Coombs posted on Political Forum in 2016 that he supports killing or genociding non-white races and was criticised by another white nationalist for "doing no favors to the nationalist / race realist movement by promoting genocide."[13] The entire thread on Political Forum was later deleted with Mikemikev's sockpuppet removed; the forum admin thought his extremist comments about killing non-whites had broken laws.


Mikemikev is a racialist crank and many of his RationalWiki sockpuppets are dedicated to posting racialist pseudoscience. He is not interested in actually learning about science, but spams the same fallacious arguments and PRATTs (points refuted a thousand times) over and over like a creationist, then resorts to ad hominem.

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