Like most of the rest of Web2.0, RationalWiki has been blessed with a variety of Memes from its inception. While a few have been lifted from other bits of the internet, many are original. This is a list of them:

More-or-less original memesEdit

Ace McWickedEdit

Main article: Ace McWicked

Ace's ability to withstand mind altering substances, sheer machismo, and raw sex appeal have elevated him to meme status. Ironic considering he hates memes.[1]

Asperger's syndromeEdit

Main article: Asperger's syndrome

Accusations of Asperger's, usually tongue in cheek abound. It is sometimes used as an insult however.


A very old meme inspired by the nationality of AKjeldsen. As of 2011, sightings of this meme are as rare as good Twilight books.


A gender-neutral pronoun, favoured by professional gobshite mathematics PhD Michael Spivak meaning "he," "she" or "they" - like most of these pronouns, none are really "official" in the English language and aren't used particularly consistently. On RW, this word was used by Lumenos as part of the weird language/philosophy/whatever-it-is he promotes. Outside of Lumenos's brain, it is used snarkily to state that the subject has a unique opinion of some sort. Eir is the possessive form of the word.

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer ServicesEdit

Started after DMorris claimed that he had reported RW to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.[2] on 15 April 2011 After some early sightings[3][4][5][6] it has become a template and a block reason[7].


The ferret overlords once ruled the wiki but now are heard of no more. Imagine the statue of Ozymandias as an elongated bitey animal and that's what the state of the meme is. Occasionally resurges due to Weaseloid having acquired some pet ferrets.


Main article:Goat

So much a meme that the whole site could just call itself GoatWiki, the unaccountable prevalence of goat jokes had humble origins - PalMD liked goats, and wrote about them. From this little acorn grew the mighty oak which gives RW its unique flavour. And distinct smell.

Helena Bonham-CarterEdit

A very old meme which possibly began in the RationalWiki 1.0 days, references to (and even claims to be) that actress had mostly disappeared by the summer of 2007.

Human's wikiEdit

From the dominance of Human over the entire wiki (he still outranks pretty much every other editor in terms of edit count and even Ty's binges haven't come close) and the fact that he would stick his neck in to disagree with most things - often vehemently. Basically leading to the accusation of "oh, it's Human's wiki" to dismiss every single one of his suggestions, even the good ones. This meme relates to "stop breaking my wiki".

"I want not approve on it, I think [adjective] post"Edit

Deliberately started by Crundy[3] and kicked off by SuperJosh[4][5] after an odd and useless spambot posted on the chalkboard talk page[6].

Long-eared JerboaEdit

We have no idea how this got started, honest, as it is older than Jesus and nearly as old as Helena Bonham Carter. The Long-eared Jerboa is the secondary mascot of RW, narrowly[8] behind the goat. Probably a holdover from the days when I Can Haz Cheeseburger was funny (if it ever was), it is an extension to the general meme that the internet finds small cute animals inherently fascinating. The video of the pygmy jerboa standing on a set of scales (and weighing in at 3.2g) also made one or two appearances.

Mei is usefulEdit

The perceived usefulness of Mei. "Useful for what?" we hear you say, but that's beside the point, now shut up. Developed from the "Mei is useful" userbox, Mei's special welcome template, and the category "Users who are useful beyond a reasonable doubt".[9] While he is, no one for example says "P-Foster is useful". That said, Mei is incredibly useful.


Main article: Mowse

A short lived craze for multi-coloured pictures of mice plagued the wiki for a few months, then fizzled out just as quickly.

"Stop breaking my wiki"Edit

A pompous phrase originating in March 2010,[10] probably inspired by Human's attitudes towards Nx,[citation needed] which encapsulates the attitudes of the hardline Old Guard (i.e. Human and a few cronies) in their sense of prerogative and resistance to change. After its first appearance, the phrase has invariably been used jokingly; so much so, that when somebody's response to something is "stop breaking my wiki", it is hard to tell whether they are expressing genuine disapproveal (in a jokey way) or just kidding.

"This isn't your circle jerk anymore"Edit

See the main article on this topic: Not your circle jerk anymore

A pompous phrase coined by Brxbrx in May 2011,[11] and used by him once or twice since, which encapsulates the attitudes of uppity johnny-come-latelies (i.e. Brxbrx and a few cronies) in their sense of prerogative and resistance to the Old Guard. As with "stop breaking my wiki", the phrase has been appropriated for mockery, mostly at the expense of Brxbrx himself, and his laughable attempts to dictate which users should be taken seriously.


To be honest there are dozens of Schlafmemes we could include... but here are the main ones.


Main article: Assfly

ASchlafly > Assfly. It's obvious, innit?


The act of using the Schlafly Quote Generator to respond to editors comments, often when there is nothing better to say. Since the generator has become a remarkably accurate pseudo Markov Chain of Schlafly's style, it's possible people take this sort of thing as genuine abuse. Especially since the "subst" command can remove all traces of the template and just paste in the text.

"Growing rapidly"Edit

An early catchphrase at Conservapedia was "this site is growing rapidly", in reference to the pageviews and increase in article count (although not necessarily information count thanks to the likes of Ed Poor's stubs). Since this was used in all seriousness on Conservapedia, the WIGO:CP clientèle began to use it sarcastically when commenting on the article shrinkage or deletion that began to be increasingly common as CP developed. Considering the current state of CP activity, if it grew any more "rapidly" it would collapse down into a black hole.


Andy mentioned that spelling "Hell" with a small h is a sign of liberalism (rather than what it actually is, a simple grammar error). Since then, RWians have trumpeted their liberal credentials when typing Hell, by deliberately using a small h. Often this is combined with strikeout humour, e.g., hHell or Hhell, depending on the situation. It almost reached the point where every mention of the word hell, regardless of how trival, made reference to this, although Post-Conservapedia users may remove more gratuitous uses. The article on Hell once contained an entire section on the controversy, a lowercase title and a note about the title being incorrect due to liberal deceit, but this has since been removed.[12]

Kendoll Edit

Refers to User:Conservative on Conservapedia, whose real name is Ken DeMyer, and is usually signified by the {{Ken}} template.

Kenning Edit

Some RationalWikians refer to multiple markup and spelling corrections as kenning (sometimes quoting him instead), referring to the editing "skills" of the above. Slightly confusing to certain RationalWiki editors who upon seeing the word "kenning" immediately think "metaphor from Old Norse skaldic poetry."

A sometimes-used synonym is "OSing," especially in the context of WIGOs and the bar (where Osaka has been known to display Ken-like editing patterns).

"The truth shall set you free/open your mind to the truth"Edit

"The truth shall set you free" says Conservapedia, and RWians repeat it when laughing at CP's idiotic logical failings and factual errors but also as a form of snarkasm elsewhere. "Open your mind to the truth or risk losing credibility" and "deny this and lose all credibility" are also common variants, almost bordering on becoming true catchphrases.

Weapon of gunEdit

In February 2008, Aschlafly used this clumsy phrase in CP's "liberal logic" article, stating that liberals believe that "widespread ownership of the largely defensive weapon of gun must not reduce crime".[13] The amusing phrase "weapon of gun" proved popular at RW, as did the "largely [adjective] [noun] of [noun]" construction, which was still making occasional (and not particularly welcome in the post-Conservapedia era) appearances in mainspace more than four years later.[14]

"Because liberals"Edit

Conservapedia's tendency to blame liberals for quite literally everything has been summed up several times in wigos by the nifty little phrase "because liberals", as in "x happened because liberals", or "x happened. Why? Because liberals." The laziness of the phrase itself highlights Conservapedia's unimaginative and tired use of blaming liberals for everything, more often than not without any evidence or by otherwise incredibly bizarre thought lines.


John 3:16 became a common topic at TWIGO:CP around the time that Tim Tebow was in vogue at Conservapedia, though of course the verse's popularity in the real world pre-dates this. Both DickTurpis and π's mobile account, Pimobile, sign with "Turpis 3:16"[15] and "Pi 3:14"[16] respectively.


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