This wiki is a revolutionary brotherhood. This wiki is not devoted to free speech. This wiki is not devoted to liberty.
MCWiki, contrary to what one might think, was not a wiki about McDonalds, nor a wiki on MCs.[2] It was a rather small and deliciously pitiful wiki about Rationalwiki and Old RationalWikiWiki, written from the PoV of MarcusCicero, set in some alternate universe where green is up, down is horses, dogs and cats live together in sin, and RationalWiki is a totalitarian nation state. In practice, all editing was either done by the Big Mac himself, John Childermass, Eira, some random wandals, Maratrean and somebody called 107. Human, Ace, Colonel Sanders, and Nx all had accounts, but didn't seem to do much. DMorris did show up to post screeds as well. The site was overly lock happy, with several of the articles and all the category pages[3] locked at the sysop level. At some point between 5:43 and 7:22 CST November 24 2011, the Big Mac disabled all editing by non-sysops,[4] and was made available to editors for brief periods when either Big Mac or Maratrean were present to delete and oversight any "counterrevolutionary" discussion.

It has since become a wiki actually about hamburgers, presumably to add insult to injury and mock Marcus' original wiki and its name.


Citations were apparently unneeded.[5] Nor did it have any need for templates or images.[6]

It should be noted that the style guidelines were allegedly recommendations, not rules, but the first template ever created was swiftly deleted. If you point out Marcus's spelling and grammatical errors, he will claim that they are intentionel.[7] Marcus later changed his mind on images, and added added a few.[8]

Big Mac's technical knowledge was very limited, with anything more complex than categories overwhelming his brain capacity. His site being free of Aspies, nerds, virgins, and other Wiki-undesirables who do nothing but strange things with pointless templates,[9][10] when Marcus felt inclined to use a template, he found himself out of his depth with no one to help him.[11][12][13]


McWiki didn't have much content, aside from the usual screeds about P-Foster, Nx, David Gerard, the Moderators, and, most remarkably, Trent "the Lazy" Toulouse. [14] The site also has some unusually positive articles about AKjeldsen, Doggedpersistence, and HeartOfGold. There is, of course, a locked article on Marcus. It was briefly written in Estonian, for some reason. [15] For a brief time, article creation was disabled.[16] Since the grand locking, the only "articles" created are Revolutionary Communiques, the contents of which are MC desperately claiming he has a life and arguing with user name vandalism, and articles by Maratrean about his imaginary religion.[17]


The existence of the wiki and the fact that some prominent RW editors (or people posing as them[18]) and one RationalWiki Foundation trustee were contributing to the wiki caused a fuss in the Chicken Coop and Moderators discussion bin. In the blue corner, Psygremlin insisted that such activity was a violation of the "trust" of trustee, and in the brown corner Weaseloid argued that the contributions were spelling corrections and minor edits and counted as no such violation.


Yes, we ban. We give infinite bans for those who edit mainspace articles and insist on filling them with pro regime propaganda and hatred. These infinite bans can be overturned if the member sends an email and states that they will restrict their propaganda to talk pages. We give two hour bans to vandals who deliberately post nonsense in articles, under the delusion that they will err their ways.
MC has blocked several users for infinite durations, and one user for a day for being a "boring". [19]. But was then unbanned.[20] Marcus then added the above quote to the McWiki menu, likely having read this page. John Childermass was indefinitely banned after being outed by Eira, but has since been unbanned. Eira has since banned several users, claiming simultaneously that there are no rules[21] and that there are rules,[22] depending on whether she wants to ban someone. Eira later appeared to leave the site.



There will be no elections. This wiki is a revolutionary brotherhood with me as the supreme leader. When the revolution succeeds in its goals of crushing the brutal oligarchy this website will be closed and I will take my place as just another autonomous individual in the rationalwiki mobocracy.



Slightly more than a few of all pages have been locked. When it comes to actual content pages, however, MC has seen fit to lock almost two-thirds of the articles to the sysop level.[24] The article on SusanG has been salted.

It would also appear that some form of Conservapedia-esque "night editing" mode has been implemented, with all pages being locked for editing. The only person editing is MC, who claims he has a life.[25] Spoiler Alert: He does not. The McCabal (Human and Eira) are allowed to enable editing, however. This led to a burst of activity on the user creation log - the only remaining way users could communicate on the wiki. Since Maratrean's elevation to administrator, the User creation log is now oversighted.[26]


In time it will become the superior cousin of Rationalwikiwiki. once the regime grows tired of persecuting this website and launching waves of regime vandalism upon it, this website will begin to attract more dissidents, until this website eventually has more active members than Rationalwiki itself.
MCWiki argues that the RationalWiki Foundation [28] is actually a money-laundering operation being run by "The Sophist" (aka AD), who also heads a massive shadow cabal. It also argues that there is an "Aspie Culture" apparently founded by Totnesmartin.[29]


On January 11, 2012, the user "107" carried out a coup of sorts, removing the rights of all other bureaucrats and all other sysops except DMorris,[30] uploading a picture of Joseph Stalin for a new logo,[31] and stating that Marcus was a covert RationalWiki agent.[32][33]

A few days later, Marcus posted a message stating that he had noticed the coup by means of this page and that he was not going to attempt to take MCWiki back.[34] Fifteen minutes thereafter, he extended a fig leaf olive branch to RationalWiki, making a reciprocal accusation that 107 was a RationalWiki agent, and asking to be unblocked.[35][36]


Marcus feels the need to communicate with RW/W via "Revolutionary Communiques". At present there are 8, detailed here.


Marcus responds to a comment by Nx, stating that if RW gives him publicity he won't "launch any revolutionary offensives". This hasn't been done, nor have any offenses been launched. [37]


In communique 2, Marcus feels the need to desperately assert that he has a life, and that Ty does not. He is not going to go sit in the corner and cry, but is merely "busy". He also attempts to hand off the tedious job of vandalism patrol to human and Eira. [38]


In Rev com 3, Marcus throws in the towel. Realizing that very few people support him, he closes the wiki to sysop editing only, inviting RWians to email him to request sysop rights, and not so he can fill their inbox with hateful abuse and try to stalk them. He takes the time to address P-Foster and AD, and complain that he is far, far too busy to continue editing. [39]


In Rev com 4, Marcus states that he isn't afraid of Internet vandalism, and that he believes that everyone who has ever edited/vandalized McWiki is a Tyrannis sock. He then states how silly it is to argue about things on the Internet. The fact that he created a wiki to complain about 2 wikis is apparently not relevant. Note that not being intimidated by wiki vandals requires the same amount of intestinal fortitude as not being afraid of your pet guppy. [40]


In Rev com 5, Marcus feels the need to repeat himself, and complain about this article. He is still so busy that he doesn't have time to write anything, but will write some essays soon. Presumably after he finishes the poem, novel, and play. [41]


MC is obviously rattled. He doesn't like it when somebody points out that he is a sex starved loser who spends 75% of his disposable free time on the internet trolling a small wiki. This pitiful little nerd, who hasn't a creative bone in his body, is deserving only of our contempt. [42]


Marcus has decided to add pictures to articles. He also comments on Crundy's leaving. [43]


Marcus threatens to release "thousands of emails" he has received from RationalWiki editors, Conservaleaks style, in early 2012. He calls this upcoming event "Rational-leaks." [44]


On 19 January 2012, Marcus announced that he was closing McWiki after his computer was hacked, allegedly by a RationalWiki editor.[45] He also announced that he was permanently retiring from the Ratwik, but nobody believes that anymore; nor did anyone give a shit.

On January 31 2012, MCWiki was deleted in response to objections raised by someone representing the RationalWiki Foundation on the Wikkii forums.[46] (A member of the Wikkii staff noted "We've had problems in the past with people setting up wikis for harassment, but they get deleted... as soon as someone reports it."[47]) Coincidentally, immediately afterwards, Gooniepunk re-registered the name "MCWiki" as a wiki about all things hamburger.


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