Leaving and never coming back is the ultimate sanction that an individual user possesses on RationalWiki. It's so common that it developed its own short-hand acronym "LANCB", which is treated as a verb. LANCB is applied whether the user has actually vowed to never come back or not, as it comes from the "retired" template, which suggests that a user isn't going to return to editing. The intention may be solely to leave, but is often followed by the almost audible gasps of horror from the user's allies and admirers, and cries of jubilation from their opponents.

It is quite difficult to tell who actually has permanently retired, as the temptation exists for lurkers (or sockpuppets) to make edits.

Any similarity between "leaving and never coming back" and "throwing a big sulk" is purely coincidental.

Users who left and really, really, never came backEdit

  • AKjeldsen
  • HeartOfGold left in December 2007 after failing to regain sysopship. His final edit was the lamest sockpuppetry in the western world.[1]
  • Fox left in November 2009 after an argument about paedophilia - apparently he was against it, and everyone else was for it. Or something.
  • Earthland finally LANCB after debating abortion for a long time.
  • Teresita (as any number of alternate personae, notably Francine and Mega) eventually faded away.

Users who left but came back eventuallyEdit

  • Just about everybody, really.

Slight returnEdit

  • Hojimachong Tried to leave in December 2008, but a smattering of edits the following month, and a single edit in May 2009 spoilt his record.[2]
  • Pink - left after assertions by Human that she took exception to, and since then commented on RA's talk page once. [3] SHe also returned in early 2011 to talk with RA and Blue.
  • Elassint left on 6 July 2008 after an argument about Liberapedia.[4] Two months later, he was back - making three edits to the Liberapedia article.[5] He returned as Onion, was quite productive, and then vanished in December 2010.
  • Helios - the sun comes out briefly at scattered intervals.
  • Refugee - left in May 2010, and again a year later - but makes brief visits once in awhile
  • Arthropleura stormed out in June 2009 to set up A Storehouse of Cheetahs,[6] damning RationalWiki's editors as a "cliché" on his talkpage. He probably meant clique but it's fun to leave such a howler on his userpage.[7] He was briefly sighted at Wikiindex but then disappeared. Update: He made an appearance in December 2010.
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