Grawp is the most persistent troll/sockpuppeteer in the history of RationalWiki. They've plagued Wikipedia as well as RW, and seem to have been just as persistent back in 2008.[1] In their tenure, countless accounts have been made, almost always with bizarre usernames. They are almost always banned immediately, but the sockpuppets keep coming. Community opposition to IP range bans, long-term IP bans, and checkuser has made them even harder to stop. They started in 2008 and continue to this day. They have so far not done anything actually harmful, but are really irritating, and have harassed female users to the point where one made posts threatening to LANCB, though she didn't end up doing it after all.

It is more likely than not that the Grawp who plagues RationalWiki in the present is not the same person as Jarlaxe Artemis on Wikipedia. Most likely, the current iteration is a copycat, and there might have been more copycats before this one. It's even possible that "Grawp" never was a single person, but rather a lame collection of copycat trolls.[2][3][4]