friendly block is a block applied to a user for humorous purposes. It is the opposite of the malicious block, and by far the more common of the two.

On RationalWiki, friendly blocks are when sysops slap each other —and sometimes non-sysops — with short blocks, usually for a length of 3.14x0 seconds during recent history. They often utilize strange block comments. One notable example is the time Kels set about (and succeeded at) blocking every sysop — in alphabetical order.

On occasion, just-registered users are handed a "welcome block" as a sort of initiation rite. It typically lasts less than a minute. Recipients of such blocks usually don’t notice unless they happen to be editing while the block is in effect. Once traditional, this practice has largely lapsed as RationalWiki learns to absorb new editors. An early tradition was encouraging freshly "demoted" sysops to block a few established editors for practice, often Bohdan. Instead, editors are often blocked for moderate durations upon being demoted, as a form of initiation block. Another new tradition is blocking for negative lengths of time, such as 4 days ago. Currently the newbies find these blocks annoying and rude. Initiation pretty much no longer occur.

Friendly blocks were once considered a tradition unique to RationalWiki, however, similar blocks are called "joke bans" on Uncyclopedia.

Gooniepunk2010 Some people communicate via the block log. This makes their conversations quite difficult to track.