The talk pages for the targeted WIGOs—Conservapedia, Citizendium, and formerly A Storehouse of Knowledge—function as seemingly never-ending threads discussing relevant topics. A number of other subjects exhibit similar behaviour, but lacking a formal WIGO page they may not be tied specifically to one talk page.

Some people find these discussions annoying, and may even take steps to entirely remove them from sight altogether.[1] Others seem to relish the arguments that develop.

The subjects of some of the more notable eternal threads include:


Similar to the Citizendium discussion, a small group of disaffected LessWrong users hang out at Talk:LessWrong and related pages. Their obsessive commentary about dense and obscure issues such as "Roko's Basilisk" can be difficult for the uninitiated to grasp. Most of the main editors in this thread are not regulars elsewhere on RationalWiki, but the likes of David Gerard, AD and a few others also participate.

Men's rights/feminismEdit

Large portions of the internet don't like RationalWiki's anti-MRA stance, and the arrival of another user attempting to "fix" the articles is a regular and mundane occurrence. Arguments with these people are also a common event, as are internal discussions between established users. Given the wide variety of articles on this subject this thread does not have a fixed home, but instead crops up all over main talk along with user talk pages and the bar.

Gun controlEdit

While absolutist "gun control is of the devil" types tend not to edit the wiki, a wide variety of conflicting opinions on this subject are held by members. This can lead to huge threads composed of small groups of users arguing round and round at cross purposes. Due to the relatively small number of mainspace pages directly addressing this subject most gun control debates begin at the bar, and are sometimes then moved to their own forum.

Technical supportEdit

While individual topics under this heading tend to have little relation to each other, it is a constant of the wiki that at least one thread along the lines of "my computer is borken, please help!!!" can be found at the bar at any given moment.

Meta discussionEdit

Like any similarly dysfunctional community, RationalWiki has more than its fair share of meta discussions. Nobody likes them, but surprising numbers of people keep joining in, time after time. The precise subject of these discussions varies, but often include such topics as:

  • Liquid threads (are of the devil, apparently)
  • Deleting Conservapediaspace


  1. Nutty Roux removes topics from his personal view of RecentChanges via javascript.