Elvis is King is a RationalWiki editor who has been banned for the age of Taylor Swift.[1] Elvis joined RW in January of 2012.[2] He is also known as former Conservapedia sysop-lite JamesWilson, who was banned from CP for claiming that nonprocreative sex between a married couple is considered "fornication."[3] So he can be classified as "too crazy for Conservapedia." This gives him the dubious honor of being one of the few people who is reviled (or mocked, really) by both Conservapedia and RationalWiki.

His tenure at RW was characterized by vandalistic insertions, low-quality "essays" that have all been archived here for your inconvenience, and attacks on other users. He was banned over transphobic comments, particularly those toward Colonel Sanders. He has also made bigoted comments against autistic people, liberals, and anyone else he doesn't like.[4]

EiK now spends his time arguing with sadomasochists RationalWikians who want to poke him on his talk page, who primarily consist of RoninMacbeth, GrammarCommie, and CheeseburgerFace. His "contributions" increasingly consisit of...well... just take a look.[5]


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