The Easter 2012 chaos began on the 7th of April 2012 with Brxbrx thinking, for whatever reason, that this was a good day to stick his head back above the parapet. He quickly found himself being blocked and otherwise attacked by an increasingly frustrated community. Highlights of the next few days included a massive vandalism attack on both RationalWiki and on the old RationalWikiWiki which brx was widely believed to be responsible for, and a pair of proposed permabans being voted at the Chicken Coop.

Early daysEdit


Early Easter was already a chaotic time, with a number of old inactive users choosing to reappear, if only for a moment.[1] Among these was Maratrean, who had returned from his attempt to become the next Steve Jobs (A project he insists is still ongoing).[2] Conversely UHM, another of brx's semi-allies, (supposedly) LANCBed around the same time.[3]

Brx himself had been showing up with increasing frequency since his own return nearly a month previously. What with Brx's abrasiveness, the presence in Maratrean of a potential ally for Brx, and the number of other returned editors who had left in relation to the two, something was bound to happen.

Having previously been around on the 3rd of April, Brx made a somewhat more long term appearance on the 7th (Holy Saturday).[4] He made some rather bizzare comments on Trent's talk page,[5] and stuck his nose into a minor controversy involving Proxima Centauri.[6] He also got invovled with the 'welcoming' of Maratrean after the latter's resurrection on the 8th.[7]

For his troubles, brx found himself under attack with troll templates and lengthy blocks. He brought his complaints to the chicken coop,[8] which didn't go down well.[9] He complained to the moderators AD,[10] DickTurpis,[11] and Blue.[12] He then called it a night. All three of them responded much later, claiming that they were busy etc.

Goatse vandalEdit

A wave of vandalism began at 14:34 server time on the 8th with the goatse-ing of the Easter Holydaze template that was being displayed on RC at the time by a new user called KenY. With RC now unreadable, 'Ken' then did the same to the {{brx}} template commonly used to tell brx to shut up and at the time used by brx himself in his sig. It was not until 14:54 that Nutty Roux fixed the damage and blocked the vandal, who had only gotten around to vandalising one other template in the same time.[13]

All this had taken place mere minutes after brx, still a sysop, had been blocked by Nutty Roux 'with an expiry time of infinite'.[14] Brx unblocked himself at 15:02, but was reblocked and promoted at 15:08.[15]

After KenY's block, vandalism did not resume until 15:48, now via IP. Targets included Nutty's sig and the useful links template.[16]

By 16:46 all was calm, and Nutty decided to experiment and unblock both Brx and KenY, and re-sysoped Brx. At that point Armondikov had fixed the main Holydaze template (or at least blanked it) and things were calming down.[17] Immediately, it started again.[18]

By 17:33 Trent was onto finding a way to stop what was still quite erratic vandalism.[19] However, within half an hour all that was on RC was vandalism and counter vandalism.[20] By around this time the finger was being squarely pointed at Brx.[21] In the confusion, at 19:29 WaitingforGodot made P-Foster a moderator in the hope he could do something with these powers.[22] At around 22:00 the primary target of the vandal was templates. At 22:03 'CamilleT' turned up on the ATIM talk page to complain of being blocked.[23]

Second waveEdit

Further WavesEdit


During and immediatly after the vandalism, spree, several users began to draw evidence based on the method and recent events to blame Brx for the attack, starting a Permaban vote.

BrxBrx VoteEdit

Went nowhere, like most Brxbrx ban votes.

UHM VoteEdit

The UHM vote began when UHM admitted on RWW that he was responsible for the attack, throwing the entire Brx situation in a bad light. Brx soon after made posts claiming to have an email stating "he didn't do it, he's just protecting me from harm". Thus far the reaction has been "ok, so he still get punished if he wants to take the fall"


To be decided, but a change in page protection seems to have taken place. That is to say, templatespace is now completely protected to a minimum of autoconfirmed level, and many signature templates were manually protected by P-Foster to sysop level. Additionally:


  • Sophie, maybe - she announced her LANCB but still stuck around 'till bedtime.
  • Tyrannis sulked for a bit.
  • Jack Hughes
  • Osaka Sun[24]
  • P-Foster, citing the lack of any dedicated effort to keep the vandal from going besides ad-hoc page protections.[25] This was more a self-promotion than an actual LANCB, and only lasted a few hours before he needed them back.[26]


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