I stole borrowed it from your user page :)
DiamondDisc1 made their first edit in May 2016. They have too many userboxes on their user page.

Has a habit of creating a bunch of drafts. DiamondDisc1 is a friendly gem that gets along with mostly everyone. Managed to win the mod election the same year they joined. Known for being a pretty strong fan of the Portal and Half-Life series.

They occasionally work with RoninMacbeth on drafts, and for a brief time the two of them (plus CheeseburgerFace were the foremost advocates of stub deletion, a group RoninMacbeth called "The Three Horsemen of the AfDocalypse."[2] Feel free to cringe.

Precious BabiesEdit

All the generators this inanimate diamond gave life to:


  1. Archived talk page - I see you added the smileys to your page too