RationalWiki Bureaucrats had the power to change another user's name, and to confer or remove user rights. There were a few dozen crats on the site. Users have been nominated for 'cratship at the saloon bar or at a 'crat nominations page, where the votes usually went 6 or 7 for, 6 or 7 against, and 12 whining that there were enough bureaucrats already and RW should de-crat the inactive ones before elevating anyone else to the exalted rank. The rank of Bureaucrat was abolished by God Himself in the massive May 2011 shakeup. In late July 2012 crats came to be back, though likely due to tech oversight during the 22 July upgrade.[1] And then they were gone.[2] The lord giveth and the lord taketh away.

Crat BatonEdit

After the Saloon Bar Putsch there was one crat, who handed on the crat baton to somebody else. For the record, these sole crats were:

15 MayEdit

  • prior to 13:49 - Nx crats himself via server access.
  • 13:49 - Nx crats Π.
  • 15:28 - with a "Whee, you're it," Π throws the Baton across the Indian Ocean to Psygremlin and decrats himself.
  • 15:42 - Psy passes the baton to Totnesmartin, somewhat to the latter's surprise.[3]
  • 20:26 - Tmtoulouse informs Totnesmartin that there don't have to be any crats., because Trent made sysops able to make other sysops.
  • 21:36 with the cryptic comment "King Log" Totnesmartin decrats himself without passing the baton.

16 MayEdit

  • There were no crats, but sysops were able to sysop other users due to Trent adding their ability to sysop others, but not remove sysop rights.

17 MayEdit

  • prior to 03:54: Nx crats himself through server access again.
  • 03:54 - Nx crats Blue. She begins recratting former bureaucrats including Ty, who joins in the task, and sanity was restored.


  3. "Wait, I'm the only crat?"