Bryan See is either a nutjob or a troll who sent RationalWiki into headless chicken mode in early October of 2017. While he joined in August, it all began on the third of October, when CJ-Moki posted a photo on the saloon bar of a tweet Bryan made claiming that RW stands with Putin because it is dismissing Phobosgate, a conspiracy theory claiming that a failed Russian spacecraft mission butterflied into the Trump presidency.[1] Two days later, Bryan went back online, posting multiple rants about Phobosgate on his talk page.[2] As a result of a block on harassment by Bigs which may have been unjust, he completely exploded on him, claiming it is "abelist [sic], divisive, hateful, anti-liberal, anti-progressive, right-wing, reactionary, xenophobic, and racist bullshit." He also claimed that Putin, Russia, and the Kremlin all fabricated stories about him specifically.[3]

He left for a week and then returned, and was permabanned by CJ-Moki before being unbanned for a coop case to decide.[4] The case ultimately ended in his probation, with several restrictions being placed on him.[5] Ultimately, he violated this seven times in one day after nearly two weeks of inactivity, and was subsequently permabanned by CJ-Moki once and for all.[6]

In September 2018, he used an IP to start making numerous articles on the people in his conspiracy theory on RationalWikiWiki. The edits were deleted and the IP was banned.[7]