Anti-Conservapedia is a catchall term for anything on RationalWiki that was created in opposition to Conservapedia. It is the predominant movement on RationalWiki, with most of RW's integral members having founded or joined the site in opposition to Conservapedia (thus setting a direction for RationalWiki that will last for some time). In terms of utility, users expend more work on Conservapedia-centric efforts than any other single aspect of the site. The movement existed opposite the post-Conservapedia movement.


When discussing the site, anti-Conservapedia refers to any articles in the CPspace, as well as any articles created in the spirit of opposing Conservapedia. The CPspace exists not only to document Conservapedia antics (from the Lenski affair to stalking the senior sysops) but also hosts a number of articles mirroring CP's content and refuting it. The sexual anatomy articles (i.e. Cunt, Penis, Clitoris, etc) in particular were created specifically because Conservapedia systematically deleted articles with such names. Indeed, the entire existence of the sexuality category and the fact that many of the articles have a high degree of content could be said to stem from this. In early 2012, many articles on CP were purged, as post-Conservapedia won out.[1] A far smaller successor took place in 2016.[2]


When discussing people, anti-Conservapedia refers to the users who joined RationalWiki because of Conservapedia[3] — members of the anti-Conservapedia group share the common experience of Conservapedia, which combines with other factors to create a sort of bond (easily observable on talk:WIGO). This includes some of the founding members of RationalWiki and many users who later crossed over or fled from Conservapedia.


  3. This does not mean that that their sole focus on RationalWiki was opposing Conservapedia. They may also have invest their time in post-Conservapedia efforts, or even be only marginally interested in Conservapedia.