As an example, the older [I assume] brother (“AP”) could be the user Skeptical, who blocked socks created by the younger brother, but who targeted me, probably because of my AP documentation. Both brothers would consider me an enemy. The younger brother. However, if we look at early contributions, these are not “skeptics.” They discovered they could use the skeptical community for their own purposes, and some in that community found them useful as attack dogs, to do what they could not do without risking sanctions.
Ramblings on his personal website
Abd, real name Abd ul-Rahman Lomax, is possibly the most repetitive troll since Grawp, and had devoted an insane amount of blog posts to his paranoid conspiracy theories about RationalWiki sysops and using his blog to spread all sorts of falsehoods about them. Lomax has created dozens of sockpuppets, most of them on his article or talk-page and engages in trolling and impersonating users.

As soon as he joined RationalWiki, Lomax proceeded to make several edits promoting pseudoscience on the cold fusion page along with getting into hissy fits on the talk page. Then he did the same on several user talk pages before being leaving for over a year, sporadically editing talk pages, and then not editing for over three years.[1] Then he came back, rambled on his article's talk page, and was finally given the boot after doxing and harassing several sysops. After this he began IP sockpuppeteering, which he still does to this day. Then in early May 2018 an account was hacked and used to complain about Viharo, which was likely Lomax who had written 10,000 words about the account that was hacked on his blog and was the only person obsessed with it.[2]


Lomax is banned from nearly every wiki or forum he has joined for picking fights with other users, doxing and harassment. His RationalWiki article documents these bans, including Wikipedia, RationalWiki, Wiviversity, Meta-Wiki and Lenr-Forum. On 24 February 2018, Lomax was globally banned by the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF).[3] A WMF Global Ban "is an extraordinary permanent measure to help assure the safety of users of the Wikimedia projects" without having to go through the typical blocking processes - so this type of ban is for only the most extreme vandals, trolls or harassers, of which Lomax was the 28th person to be blocked by the WMF.

Rome Viharo

Lomax's attitude on Rome Viharo changed dramatically from before and after his ban, before Lomax wrote that Rome Viharo was indeed a troll and the RationalWiki article on him was factual, but after suddenly took Viharo's side, describing his article as defamation. Lomax often flip-flops his views like this if he thinks he can use someone else to his advantage to harass RationalWiki sysops.

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